Will the changes to the validity of driving licences affect you

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the DVLA of Her Majesty’s Government has relaxed the rules for renewing of driving licences that have expired. This in part is due to the restrictions on movement imposed on the public and the availability of the DVLA offices being open and staffed. The new regulation became effective on 4th June 2020. This extension does not include provisional driving licences.

It is estimated that near 2.3 million drivers in the UK have or will have their driving licences expire between 1st February 2020 and 31st August 2020. Many of those with a driving licence set to or have expired, the government has provided with an automatic 7-month extension to get a new licence. This 7 month extension is from the original date when your licence expires.

This makes it possible for all drivers with a license to continue to get essential supplies for their households during the pandemic. 2 months before your current driving licenses expire all drivers will receive a notice that they need to renew their license. For those that have a license that expired in February, they have until August of this year to renew their license and no fine will be accessed.

Failure to renew your driving licence before the end of the 7-month extension will result in a £1,000 if you are stopped by the police, and they see your expired driving licence. All UK issued driving licences are valid for 10 years from the date of issue.

To renew your driving licence, you can do it online or go to your local post office and physically submit your application.

To renew your licence online the cost is £14 which has to be paid by electronic means like a credit card. You must also have a valid passport and lived at the same residence for the past 3 years. To apply online in the UK, follow this link renew-driving-license. If you live in Northern Ireland, the link is here, renew-your-driving-license-online. Currently, the processing time is 3 weeks or more due to the effects the COVID-19 virus on government processes.

To renew your driving licence at the post office, the cost is £21.50. This is the link you need to follow for instructions and the location of the post office closest to your identity/ renew-driving-license. If you live in Northern Ireland, this page will be helpful apply-northern-ireland-driving-license.

For those who have a driving licence, and it expires after 31st August 2020, there is no extension. To legally drive in the roads in the UK, your driving licence must be valid. Renew your licence as soon as possible so the delay in the new photocard being issued due to the COVID-19 pandemic will not adversely affect you and your ability to be legal on the road.

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