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Oct 2023

The demand for short term car insurance always existed, but the lockdown accelerated the demand. The founder Simon Jackson noted that COVID caused many people to give up on cars because of financial constraints, or they just needed access on an ad hoc basis. Fo those that just needed access on an ad hoc basis, they could simply borrow a car from a friend. However, they would still need insurance so as not to impact the existing cover of the car owner.  

GoShorty is a provider of flexible short term insurance, they have strong panel of insurance providers that include Ageas, LV=, Mulsanne and KGM. The staycation market has also been a driving force in the rise of temporary insurance market.  People on staycation want to borrow SUV's for these trips, and again they need short term cover so as not to impact the actual policy of the SUV or 4x4 truck owner.   At the moment they do not provide cover for temporary motorhome insurance, but it is something that may be added in the near future.  If you are in the delivery business, pay as you go delivery insurance is available from the Multi Quote Time panel of insurance providers.

Ageas Temporary car insurance

Ageas is one of the panel members that provides temporary car insurance. Features of GoShorty Temp car insurance include:

  • Comprehensive Learner insurance
  • Commercial Vehicle ( car and vans) driver aged 21 to 75
  • You must have held your driver’s license for at least 6 months
  • Licence type: Full UK or EU/EEA for at least 6 months if aged 18 to 25 (reduced to 3 months if aged over 25)

Vehicles Covered

  • Cars and Commercial Vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes)
  • Minimum value Cars and Vans: £500
  • Maximum value Cars: £60,000
  • Maximum value Vans: £25,000

GoShorty Temporary car insurance licence requirements 

GoShorty is one of the few providers of short term insurance to accept NI licence holders alongside holders of a UK driving licence holders and people resident in the UK with an EU/EEA licence

Instant Temporary Car Insurance Cover Online

With Goshorty temp car insurance you can get cover within minutes and received your document into your inbox within seconds of making online payment. The MID will also be updated, but they do recommend printing off a hard copy to keep in your car.

Did you know?  MID: Please note that all our Short Term Insurance policies are submitted to the Motor Insurance Database (MID) at midnight every day. For, this reason GoShorty recommends having a copy of your Insurance Policy with you during the period of cover.

GoShorty Trust Pilot Reviews

Not only have Go Shorty strong positive reviews score of 4.7/5.0, they are seeing on average of 25% repeat customers. This is a strong endorsement that Go Shorty is providing a quality service in filling the demand for short term car insurance in the UK and NI marketplaces. 

Go Shorty Trust Pilot Reviews

What Makes GoShorty So Popular? 

One key element to the ongoing success of GoShorty is the ability of Musanne a member of the panel to rate polices o a per-second basis, while, most competitors can only rate on a daily, weekly and monthly insurance. They also boast the largest eligibility criteria to accept drivers aged from 17-year-old to 75 years old, whilst most of the competition stop at age 70. Another factor of increased eligibility is the that they will insure cars up to a value of  £60,000 which is much higher than many of their competitors.   

Learner Driver Insurance

One of the panel, KGM has a strong presence in the learner driver market. Some features and terms of Goshorty learner driver insurance include:

  • Comprehensive Learner insurance
  • Learner driver aged 17 to 25
  • Must hold a UK Provisional driving licence
  • Owner’s NCB not affected in the event of a claim on our policy
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