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Guide to Hamilton Fraser Landlord Insurance

Among several property insurance providers in the UK, Hamilton Fraser stands out. Located in Borehamwood town in Hertfordshire, England, Hamilton Fraser is an insurance provider that has specialised in landlord insurance since 1996. The five-time "Best Landlord Insurance Provider" has been protecting properties, offering a wide range of policies to suit landlords' needs and budgets.

Total Landlord Insurance is one of Hamilton Fraser Group's most popular landlord insurance policies. If you are looking for an insurance policy that provides comprehensive coverage for your property, including your buildings, content, and liability, at affordable rates, then Total Landlord Insurance is your best shot.

What Hamilton Fraser Landlord Insurance Policy Entails

A Hamilton and Fraser Landlord Insurance policy isn’t one of the best for no reason. Aside from providing comprehensive coverage for your buildings, this policy offers more. Here are some key features of the Total Landlord Insurance policy:

Buildings Cover

Building Covers: This policy provides cover for your rental building against damage from events like vandalism, thefts, storms, and fire. Depending on the market value of your rental building, Total Landlord Insurance provides up to £5 million worth of coverage. This will help you recover financially from replacements and repairs, ensuring that your investment is safe.

Contents Cover

Content Cover: Most rental properties are well-furnished. This is where insurance cover comes into play. Contents like furniture, appliances, and other belongings can receive up to £50,000 in coverage. This safeguards landlords' investment in furnishing and protects them from financial losses due to theft or damage.

Cost of Hamilton and Fraser Landlord Insurance

The cost of Total Landlord insurance from the HFIS group in the UK and Ireland depends on multiple factors, such as level of cover, locations, and your needs and budgets. As a core member of the HFIS Group, Hamilton Fraser is dedicated to providing affordable insurance policies tailored to your needs.

A Hamilton Fraser Landlord Insurance policy has three levels of coverage. Landlords are at liberty to select a cover that suits their needs and budgets. These levels determine the content of the insurance products when landlords get any level of the Total Landlord insurance policy. Standard, Premier, and Platinum are the 3 levels of coverage under the Total Landlord insurance policy. However, different insurance policies have different coverages at different prices. You have to compare landlord insurance costs to get the best policy for your needs and budget

Other Landlord Insurance Policies offered by Hamilton Fraser Group

Hamilton Fraser, a distinguished provider in the private rented sector that exemplifies the principles of investors in people, also offers insurance policies different from the Total Landlord insurance policy. They include;

What legal and General Landlord Insurance Does Not Cover?

Like other forms of insurance, not everything is covered or conditions exists for the cover to be valid.

  • Maintenance expenses: Example, If the dishwasher breaks down, you will have to pay for it repair yourself. Similarly, if the boiler breaks down, the insurance company will not pay for repair costs.
  • Tenant's belongings: This cover does not extend cover to the possessions example tenant's electronics, clothes, etc. The tenants need to take out a separate policy aimed at proving cover for those that are renting out property or living in a shared house.
  • If the rental property is being used for any illegal purpose, no coverage will be provided.

Landlord Insurance FAQs

Does the landlord's insurance policy cover the tenant's property?

Tenant's local belongings, like clothes, etc., are not covered general landlord insurance policy.

Is there any limit to the buildings cover provided by Hamilton and Fraiser?

Most building insurance polices will be limited to the agreed rebuild cost, as such it is important that the amount is correct. Too high and you will paying extra for cover you do not need, and too little you will have to contribute to the rebuilding costs out of your own pocket. A fresh approach has been taken by John lewis landlord insurance, who offer unlimited buildings cover.    

Compare Landlord Insurance providers

If you are in the market for landlord insurance of any type including student landlord insurance, DSS landlord insurance or insurance for HMO / multiple tenancy, finding the best deal will involve comparing the available deals on the market. It is important to also compare come renewal time, as some suppliers offer special deals to attract new customers. Some providers on your list should include legal and general landlord insurance, Aro, Swinton Landlord insurance lewis and CIA Landlord insurance. Home insurance providers include Post office home insurance and John Lewis.

MultiQuoteTime Ltd Does not recommend any insurance companies. It is important that the property owner satisfies themselves that they are getting the cover they need for their own personal circumstances – undervaluation may affect the settlement in the event of claims.

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