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Guide to the Home Insurance for over 80's

IF you are living at home or in a residence, home insurance is something to consider no matter your circumstances. Home insurance at any age is important, and it is typically offered as standalone build insurance, or you can opt for a combined policy that provide cover for both builds and contents. 

As we are all living longer in the UK, all high street providers are able to provide home insurance to those over 80 and like any insurance product it is prudent to compare deals across a range of providers. Check out both high street names that include The Post office home insurance, John Lewis, Sainsbury's plus less known names that include Hastings Direct Home Insurance.

What Home insurance polices are available for the over 80's?

Home insurance for the over 80s is available under three product lines.

  • Buildings Only Insurance for over 80s
  • Contents Only Insurance for over 80s
  • Combined insurance Buildings and Contents Insurance for over 80s
Policy TypeBuildings maximum sum insuredContents maximum sum insuredAdditional accidental damage
Silver BuildingsUp to £1 millionNot included
Gold BuildingsUp to £1 millionIncluded
Silver ContentsUp to £80,000Not included
Gold BuildingsUp to £100,000Included

Expert Tip

As we get older, the valuables that you have collected will increase in value, so it’s important to keep up to date with what it would actually cost to replace everything you own.

How Over 80's Home insurance is calculated and how to save money on the cost of cover

The cost of home insurance for the over 80s is based on a number of factors, some like the post code you have no control over. Each insurance provider may place different weights on these factors when arriving at cost of insurance. Some of the more significant factors are listed below.

  • Location or post code :  If possible, avoid buying your home in an area that has been flagged as post code with higher crime rates. If the property has a postcode that is linked to a higher crime rate, expect to pay more than a similar property in a more safe area.
  • Make your home secure :  By making your home secure and safe, you will be reducing the likelihood of having to make claims. For example, having a smoke alarm will reduce the risk of serious fire damage. Installing deadlocks on windows and doors will reduce the risk of theft and vandalism. Collectively, these actions should help reduce the cost of a post office home insurance policy.
  • Claims Frequency : If you make regular claims, this will be flagged as an additional risk factor and again expect to pay more as a result.
  • Pay Annually : Most providers including Post Office Home Insurance will charge an additional fee for processing monthly payments. Before deciding to pay monthly or annually check what these charges will be.
  • Skip small claims :   making small claims against your home insurance policy can lead to an increase in your premium or disqualify you from future no claims discounts offered by the Post Office. As such, you may be better off to pay for smaller claims out of your own pocket.   
  • Increase The Voluntary Policy Excess : Most providers will reduce the premium if you are happy to take more responsibility for cost in the event of a claim.By agreeing to a higher voluntary excess, you are doing exactly that, but be prepared to cover this. Best to set this aside in a high interest earning account.

As we get older, some types of insurance increase in cost, for example over 80's car insurance, but when it comes to home and contents insurance, the opposite happens.

How do I compare over 80s home insurance?

Multiquotetime can provide you access to a panel of home insurance provider that specialise in over 80's home insurance. To get started, simply click here and enter some about you and your home. On completion, you will be able to compare deals from a range of home insurance providers that including Policy Expert, Quote Me Happy Home Insurance Aviva, The Home Insurer, Ageas and the Post Office.

Home Insurance for over 80s FAQs

Does Insurance Get Cheaper as you get older? 

In general, most insurance products get cheaper as you age. In the case of home insurance for over 80s for example, the risk to the insurance provider is reduced. This is based on empirical evidence in terms of the number and size of claims made by senior age groups. Thoes of us that fall into these categories are more likely to be retired and spend more time at home and be more security conscious. All these factors help to reduce the risk of burglary and claims. So expect your home insurance premiums  to reduce as you reach the following milestones of life over 50, over 60's, over 70 or over 80's and beyond. 

One exception to this rule can be motorhome insurance for over 80s and car insurance for over 80s as ageing in these cases can increase the risk to the insurance provider. As we age are reaction times reduce and many of us will also suffer from failing eyesight, these and other factors increase the likelihood of a claim which will may be reflected in higher car insurance premiums. 

Find home insurance cover that’s right for you

While standard home insurance work for most people, there are also specialised home insurance policies that might be more suited to your needs.

*51% of consumers could save £201.06 on their Home Building & Contents Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next
fourteen cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from January 2024. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.

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