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Whether you need insurance for your child’s first pony, a competition horse or veteran horse, we can provide you with access to multiple quotes in minutes.” This can be done by simply selecting the Quick Quote and complete a simple online inquiry form. Pony and Horse insurance providers will send you an individual quote, leaving you to choose a policy the best meets your needs. We provide quotes for horses of all ages.

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Choice of Horse, Equine and Pony Insurance Policies Insurance

Most providers of equine insurance will provide Pick 'n' Mix policies, letting you select what is included and what is excluded in your horse insurance policy. 

The key to understanding horse insurance is understanding that your equine can be insured for different eventualities as follows:

  • Horse vet fees insurance is a popular option as fees can be catastrophic. Most brokers will let you choose the excess amount. The excess is the amount of fees that you would become liable for in the case of a claim. The amount of vets fees covered range from small amount normally less than £100 to catastrophe cover, which the broker will assist with fees over £500 and beyond. This should cover any hospitalization costs.
  • Loss of use is if your horse was a source of income, you should consider what would happen if that were to stop suddenly. This is why it is prudent to take out a policy that gives protects against loss of earnings.
  • ARM or all risk mortality protection in the unfortunate event of your horse succumbs to a terminal illness or a fatal road accident, your horse insurance policy with a mortality clause will step in to shoulder the associated costs and some underwriters will pay the full value of your horse.
  • Theft explains itself, but read the small print as you will have an obligation to reduce the risk of theft.
  • Public Liability is needed if your horse accidentally causes accidents or damages to another person’s body or property. You are responsible for reimbursing the injured person for the losses that he suffered. When the opponents make a claim against you and your horse at the court, you may be asked to pay a huge sum of money towards compensation by the legal attorney. When you have personal liability insurance, you are saved from this trouble because this policy covers the compensation that you need to pay and also your legal expenses.

Why have horse insurance?

Equine insurance is based on the premise that you wish to transfer the financial risk of owning a horse in the event of loss, illness or an accident to another party. In this case a broker, but for this to work to the mutual benefit of both you must pay a fee. This fee is referred to as an insurance premium. As the premium is significantly less than your possible liability, insurance is an attractive option to cover valuable items, including the family horse. It is also advisable to always follow horse care guidelines to help keep your horse healthy and happy.

Horse insurance exclusions

Insurance policies are renewed on an annual basis. If your horse has had a problem during the previous 12 months, the insurance company have the right to impose some further restrictions on the policy cover. This would normally result in excluding further claims against similar or related problems. It may seem unfair, but it is also the same approach they take when you first take out an insurance policy.

Equine insurance extras

Your base equine insurance policy can be extended to provide more comprehensive cover, below are some of the extras that most brokers can include.

  • Dental costs can be expensive and should be considered when taking out either rider or equine insurance.
  • Tack and saddlery is expensive, making them targets for being stolen. This covers the costs in the event they are stolen, damaged accidentally or damaged by fire?
  • Rescue Costs
  • Public Liability

Check to see if the policy includes disposal costs, which can be expensive and can make a heartbreaking situation even harder.

Compare the cost of UK horse insurance

Most providers of equine insurance are flexible, letting you pick and choose which elements you need to be included or wish to exclude. We can provide you with access to a range of quotes from a panel of UK horse insurance

If you plan on transporting your horse, you should also consider horsebox insurance.

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