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If you are thinking of buying a horse or if you already have a few of them, knowing how to take of them is an essential part of your ownership responsibility. Whether you own a horse as a pet or for show or sport, there's no substitute for providing proper equine care. When your transport your horse or pony make sure it is securely tethered and have taken out horsebox insurance.

As nature clothed our surroundings with his cold weather, identifying wounds, infections on the horse’s skin become increasingly difficult. The horse's coat increases in length over the winter. This, in turn, makes the horse sweat more under the coat, though it doesn't show. More so, it also becomes harder to notice sores, moisture, dirt trapped under the coat and certain other factors like weight loss. Read on to find some handy tips that will help you properly groom your horse this winter and remember to take out a horse insurance policy.

Arthritis is considered a rather big nuisance for horses. These majestic animals whether old or young can have a difficult time if some assistance is not timely given. It is crucial to understand how important joints are and the early symptoms that can be used to indicate that a horse may indeed have arthritis.

Veteran horse insurance is a special category of cover aimed at the mature horses and ponies. Most brokers offer a wide variety of policies all aimed at protecting you against unexpected costs as you pony ages. Like us horse are now living longer than over helped by a good diet and advances in veterinary care.Like automobile insurance, veteran horse insurance is required by law.

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