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Compare Veteran horse insurance

Veteran horse insurance is a special category of cover for mature horses. Most brokers offer a wide variety of policies, all aimed at protecting you against unexpected costs as your horse ages. 

Horse have a long lifespan, with many living beyond 30. To get to that age they must be well looked after with a good healthy diet and regular checks, in particular dental and hoof. Most horse insurance brokers will class horses as veteran or mature after they reach age15

veteran horse insurance

At what age is a horse considered a veteran?

The short answer is 15 years old. Veteran may sound old, but a horse at 15 whilst termed an old horse has still many good years ahead. This link to caring veteran horse might be helpful.

Does horse insurance cover vet bills?

Veterinarian bills are not normally included as standard in this type of policy. If not directly included, then it can be added as an extra. Extras will add to the final premium cost, but if you need protection for treatment, be sure to have it included.

Summary of available elective benefits :

  • Vet's Fees for External Visible Accidental Injury Only.
  • Saddlery & Tack.
  • Rescue Costs.
  • Tack covers the horse’s riding tack.
  • Loss of Use.
  • Transportation & Livery.
  • Public Liability.
  • Disposal Costs
  • Personal Accident
  • Colic Cover (Death & Vet's Fees)

Who provides veteran horse insurance?

Veteran horse cover is a specialised product that is not widely available from mainstream insurance brokers. At multi quote time, as the name suggest, we can provide multiple quotes from multiple brokers that deal in this niche product.

When looking for veteran horse insurance, it is important to be aware that most policy providers DO NOT provide cover for illness. The good news is that a few exceptions do exist, these have been highlighted in our comparison table below. Older horse are more vulnerable to Colic or Cushing's disease, so taking out a policy that includes illness cover will help cover these costs should the worse happen.

The best known providers in the UK include: E&L, Insurance Emporium, KBIS, Animal friends and Shearwater.  Please see any age limits imposed on equine insurance below.

ProviderAge LimitsCover for IllnessesCompare Veteran Horse Insurance
Petplan Equine17 to 40 years inclusiveYes, up to the age of 25 years old provided the horse has insurance before the age of 20
Insurance Emporium20 years and over Click Here
E&L20 years and over ( they use Insurance Emporium) Click Here
KBIS30 yearsCover for illnesses up to the age of 25 Click Here
Animal Friends20 yearsNo coverage for illnesses Click Here
Shearwater18 to 25No coverage for illnesses Click Here

Typical Features that can be part of a Veteran Horse Insurance Policy

  • Personal liability coverage that covers the animal owner or keeper against claims of death, injury, illness, material property loss, and damage caused by the horse.
  • Loss by Theft or Straying covers the horse for its value if the animal is stolen, or goes astray. It can also cover the costs of advertising the lost horse, as well as hiring a replacement horse.
  • Veterinary cover handles the costs of veterinary treatment following an illness or disease. It can also cover for accidental or visible injury.
  • Tack covers the horse’s riding tack.
  • Accidental death, this is usually an extra feature of mature horse insurance. The policyholder gets reimbursed following the death of a horse due to accidental or visible injuries.
  • Dental Treatment :
  • Personal accident

Features of a veteran horse insurance policy will vary depending on the insurer. Some insurers offer death and theft cover as standard benefits, while others have veterinary fees and tack included on top of the two other.

Check to see if the policy includes disposal costs, which can be expensive and can make a heartbreaking situation even harder.

Taking care of your veteran horse

  • Concussive damage : Roadwork can help as the surface is firm and even, but do not over do it. This article on looking after an older horse with arthritis will give you some tips and advice.
  • Mobility: Like all of us, keeping mobile is an important part of longevity. During the winter months, turn the out as much as possible.
  • Regular Check-Ups: Dental and Cardiological

How to lower the cost of a veteran horse insurance policy

Similar to horsebox insurance or other types of insurance, a typical veteran insurance policy will come with an excess amount. This is the amount that you are responsible for.  Let's take an example, if the excess is GBP300 and the insurance claim is GBP500, the broker would only pay pout the GBP200, leaving you responsible for the excess. In agreement with your broker you can choose to increase the excess and in reward they will provide a discount on the premium. The choice is yours, but make sure you are comfortable with the excess amount before committing.  

Compare the cost of Veteran Horse Insurance

Most providers of veteran horse insurance are flexible, letting you pick and choose which elements you need included or excluded, example include veterinary fee cover. Getting a quote is a simple three-step process. 

  • Share some basic details about the horse
  • Share some contact details
  • Pick and choose any additional benefits, which are optional.

Start Comparing Veteran Horse insurance

  • No upper age limit
  • Veterinary fee cover option
  • Loss by Theft or Straying
  • Accidental death
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