The best car or pickup for towing a Horsebox

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The best new car for towing a Horsebox is a two-wheel drive so that the weight of the vehicle can be kept down, which increases its towing capacity in most instances. What should be known is that with a regular driving licence the maximum amount the vehicle and trailer can be is 3500 kg each to be legal on the road while towing a horsebox. For additional information, there is also 4X4 guide towing caravan trailers, which can be applied to towing a horsebox. We can also provide you with competitive quotes for horsebox insurance and trailer insurance.

Why use a car and not a truck for Hauling a Horsebox?

Many farmers use a horsebox to transport their livestock to and from events. The use of a car was not considered in the past, but that has changed with the new breed of crossover vehicles. Many vehicles like the Mercedes GLS and G-Class vehicles that can handle a 3500 kg towing load and have additional equipment that makes hauling a horsebox easier. This includes locking differentials and a trailer stability system that detects any instability of the trailer like fishtailing and can make corrective adjustments to bring the horsebox back into control with the tow vehicle.

For many, the crossover vehicles are also more luxurious and comfortable to ride in. For that reason, many like to use an Audi Q7 for towing their horsebox. Not only does it have a towing capacity of 3500 kg, but comes equipped with trailer assist system. These systems monitor the angle of the trailer to the vehicle so that the driver can back up the horsebox and let the system handle the steering so a successful position is accomplished every time.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series has a towing capacity of 3500 kg along with many safety features including blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert system along with a rear camera to assist in reversing the trailer into a stall. A tow-bar and trailer braking system has to be added after it is purchased if the vehicle is new, so hooking up the horsebox is possible.

The Nissan Patrol is another vehicle that has a towing capacity of 3500 kg. The Y61 model line is the preferred choice by many countries for military use. There is computer assisted braking along with stability control system to help the driver tin maintain control of the vehicle at all times. There is also an Intelligent rearview mirror to assist in reversing the trailer, along with tire pressure monitoring to help alert the driver of an unsafe condition if one is present.

Why use a car and not a truck for Hauling a Horsebox?

Picking the right car for towing your horsebox is generally dependent in the size of your horsebox. See our tips on buying a used horsebox guide. To help keep you safe, the vehicle used for towing should be the same size or larger than your horsebox in terms of length, width and weight.   This will help the driver in maintaining control of not only the tow vehicle, but the horsebox. This will help keep the passengers safe and help in reducing the cost of the insurance to cover both the horsebox and the tow vehicle.

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