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How does horsebox breakdown cover care for my horses?

Horseboxes have a tendency to break down more often than other vehicles. The reason is that in general they are used less frequently than commercial vehicles. This also results in these vehicles being kept longer, and with age comes an increase in the likelihood of a breakdown. However, it would be prudent to make sure you have a good level of horsebox breakdown cover in place.  An optional add-on is available if you need to extend to UK nationwide and Europe.

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Horsebox breakdown and horse trailer breakdown cover are provided by the names that you associate with equine insurance that include NFU, Anthony D Evans, KBIS Horsebox insurance, SEIB, Pet Plan and the RAC. You can compare the cost of horsebox breakdown cover of these leading providers from quotes provided by compare breakdown insurance, our breakdown partner.

When a horsebox becomes disabled on the road due to an accident or mechanical failure, the horse owner will have their hands busy tending to their livestock. This is necessary in many instances, since most horses do not like vehicles whizzing by and the noise they make. Keeping them calm takes all the attention of the person who is looking after them.  

The horsebox breakdown insurance can be brought into action in a situation like this with just a phone call or text. This makes it possible for the owner to care for their horses while a mechanic repairs the horsebox, making the vehicle roadworthy once again.

What type of horsebox can be covered?

The horsebox breakdown insurance is available for any type of horse hauling motorized vehicle. The cost of the premiums is in part influenced by the age and size of the horsebox. 

The categories for weight include up to 3.5 tonnes, from 3.5 to 7.4 tonnes and over 7.4 tonnes.

The categories for age include 0 to 10 years, 11 to 20 years and 21 years and older. 

What is included in horsebox breakdown insurance?

No matter what the problem is with the horsebox, this type of cover has a solution to provide care for the horses while getting the horsebox roadworthy once again. This is a vehicle specific type of cover so anyone operating the horsebox who experiences a problem can call for help.

  • Roadside assistance :  When a problem occurs on the road a service vehicle can be sent out to the disabled horsebox anywhere in the UK that is not at the registered address of the policyholder. A mechanic will work on the horsebox for up to an hour making repairs.
  • Recovery of the horsebox : When repairs of the horsebox on the roadside is insufficient to make it roadworthy, the vehicle will be towed to a repair garage. If the horsebox is involved in an accident it will also be taken to a garage for repairs.
  • Home start and rescue : Many breakdowns occur before the horsebox even leave the farm or stables. This classification of the cover handles those situations at the registered address of the policy. The most common failure is a drained battery, but flat tires and broken belts are also common. These repairs can be completed, and you can be on your journey generally in less than an hour. If the horsebox can’t be made roadworthy, it can be hauled to a repair facility where it will be made roadworthy once again. 
  • Onward  : This is the part of the cover that directly cares for the horses. If the horsebox is broken down and can go no further, the horses will be loaded into another horsebox so that you can complete their journey to their destination. If the horses can’t go to their destination due to distance, time of arrival or other, overnight accommodation for the horses will be provided if repairs can’t be made on the same day as the breakdown.
  • European cover  : The European horsebox breakdown insurance includes all the above assistance provided in the UK, but is only valid when a problem occurs in Europe. If repairs are not possible at a European repair facility, then the vehicle will be recovered back to the UK.
  • Optional covers : The two most common add-ons are lost key recovery and misfuelling cover. 

The horsebox breakdown cover is provided for the equestrian that transports their horses from one venue to another. With this type of policy in place, assistance is just a phone call away 24/7 when the unforeseen problem occurs. Most recovery trucks will reach the disabled horsebox within 30 minutes and can have simple repairs completed within an hour, so the equestrian can be back on the road to their event or destination with the smallest amount of time lost.

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Horsebox breakdown cover can either be included in your standard horsebox insurance policy or it can be taken out as a separate stand-alone policy.

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