Reducing the cost of buying a Trailer or Horsebox

Are you in the market for a horse trailer or a horsebox. Has looking at some asking prices for a new trailer depressed you? Horseboxes in particular can be very expensive, largely  because most have been made bespoke to an individual customer requirements. Horse trailers can also be pretty expensive, especially if the previous owner had splashed out and given it a star makeover. 

On that note, after you have made the big purchase do insure your take-out a separate horse trailer insurance policy, as relying just on your car insurance will most likely not provide adequate cover. Most auto polices will at best only provide third party cover, so go the extra step and take out cover specific to your trailer.

Secondhand might be the solution, but be careful

Have you considered second hand, like any commodity that is not built to last, trailers will lose value over time. However, this is to your advantage as you can purchase a second hand trailer or fully equipped horsebox much cheaper than buying new.  Use the safety horse trailer checklist to help guide you to finding a well maintained used horsebox.

First Impression are important

Some of this advice can also be applied to horseboxes. First impressions are important, and fall back on these if the owner is trying to persuade you that it will be a great investment with a little work here and there. Try to buy a transporter that is not only in good condition, but made of quality materials, aluminium over wood for example.

If time is on your side wait for until you find a good buy  

You may come across a model that you are after, but it is in need of a lot of attention. Unless you fully understand  and are willing to undertake this extra work, it may be wiser to wait. If you have time, this approach will most likely enable you to find that treasure, a near perfect trailer that has been lovingly cared for plus the current owner has a genuine reason for sale. 

Has it been stolen?

Another often overlooked piece of advice is to check if it has been stolen, all trailers like cars are securely marked by the manufacturer, so check that the plate has an unique serial number and has not been reported stolen. For Ifor Williams trailers, you can contact them direct to perform this check.

Is the suspension dodgy?

One simple check to help evaluate any underlying problems is to check the tires for uneven wear, as this is a sure sign that the suspension needs fixing.

Recent spray job?

Has the trailer been resprayed recently?  This is often a measure taken to cover some bodywork problems, so you need to treat with extra caution and dig deeper as to why.

Meeting in a car park should set alarm bells ringing

Do not agree to meet in some car park, insist on going to the owner's house, this should lessen chances of being conned out of your money.

Call in the experts for the final check

Before making the final decision, complete a full mechanical check or have a mechanic complete this for you, the added expense may save you lots of money and heartache later.

Experience how it drives

If it passes the above to your satisfaction the final stage is a test drive, during this stage you can inquire further on the history of the vehicle's past. For example, when was it last serviced, does the owner have documentation to prove this.

If you are new to the world of trailers and towing, get up to speed with our list of trailer driving tips or enlist a fiend to guide you on your learning path.

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