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The Ford IVECO Background Story

In 1986, Ford sold its truck business to Italy's IVECO group, forming the Ford IVECO brand. Through this merger, Ford owned 48% of the business, while Iveco S.p.A. held 52%. This partnership allowed Ford to handle sales and production of the main vehicles in the IVECO range and the Ford cargo. Recently, on March 14, 2024, Ford Trucks and IVECO signed a non-binding agreement to possibly work together on developing a new cabin for heavy-duty trucks.

Ford IVECO Fleet of Trailers and Motorised Horseboxes

Ford IVECO Horseboxes aren't actually a single model line but rather a combination of two separate brands that have been used to create custom horseboxes. Ford IVECO horseboxes are specialised vehicles designed to transport horses. Like IVECO motorhomes, some of the different models include:

  • Ford Iveco Cargo 7.5t Horsebox: The Ford Iveco Cargo 7.5t Horsebox is a type of truck specially designed to transport horses. It's built on the Ford Iveco Cargo chassis, which means it's strong and sturdy. This horsebox can carry up to 3 or 4 horses (depending on their sizes). It usually has a ramp at the back so horses can easily walk in and out. Inside, there are partitions to keep the horses separated and safe during travel. The driver sits in a cab at the front, separate from the horse area. 

  • Iveco Daily 3.5 ton Horsebox: The Iveco Daily 3.5 ton horsebox is a smaller truck designed to transport two horses, but it's best for one horse or two ponies. It's typically built on the Iveco Daily chassis, known for its reliability and durability. In some models, you can get into the cab through a sliding door. Some designs also feature a roomy interior and have a tack locker that you can access from both inside and outside, which is great when it's raining.
  • Iveco Eurocargo 7.5 Ton Coach: Some models of this Horsebox may come with two axles, a manual transmission, a right hand drive and a diesel engine. Depending on the design, the cab may come with three seats and a living area with bench seating, a table, a sink, a hob, work surface, cupboards, wardrobe, multiple windows, shower, and toilet. It may also have leisure batteries. Usually, the horse area may have large windows, can stall three horses, has adjustable partitions, rubber matting, lighting, kickboarding, and a manual rear ramp. Outside, there are skirt lockers, chrome wheel trims, tie rings, and a tap.  

Whilst the IVECO is mostly associated with large 7.5 Tone horseboxes, the smaller Ford transit is a popular option for the smaller 3.5 ton category horsebox

Tips On Reducing Horsebox Insurance And Protecting Your Ford IVECO Horsebox Or Trailer

  • Keep a record of your Ford horsebox model, and year, along with photos, to help find it if it's stolen.
  • Don't leave valuable stuff in your Ford Horsebox, especially overnight.
  • Use approved anti-theft devices, like hitch and wheel locks, and keep your trailer in a secure spot.
  • Pay for your insurance all at once to avoid extra interest fee charges.
  • Get quotes from different insurance companies to find the best price.
  • Only list named drivers on your policy, preferably over 25, to save on costs.
  • Consider raising your excess (the amount you pay in an accident) to lower your insurance premium.
  • Turn off auto-renewal on your horsebox insurance and shop around for better deals each renewal period.
  • Consider fitting a tracking device, to aid recovery if your Ford horsebox is stolen

Remember Horsebox Breakdown Cover

Some providers of horsebox insurance may bot offer breakdown cover or offer the service at an excessive cost.. You can compare the best policies for horsebox or Car and Trailer breakdown cover separately on our website.

Compare Ford IVECO Horsebox Insurance  

  • Discounts for limited mileage
  • Horsebox Insurance for vans or lorries from one to six + stalls
  • Discounts for security / immobilisers
  • Private Car NCB acceptable

Horsebox Insurance FAQ's

Do I Need A Trailer Licence To Tow A Horsebox? 

Starting in December 2021, individuals no longer need a specialised license to tow a horse trailer weighing up to 3.5 tons maximum authorised mass (MAM). Prior to this change, drivers were required to successfully complete a specialised trailer driving test.

Horsebox and Trailer Manufacturers Insurance

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