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The Horsebox upkeep and maintenance is necessary to prevent a breakdown on the road with your horse in tow. Taking proper care of your horsebox will also help to protect your horse from accidentally being injured because of a poor maintenance schedule of your horsebox. In addition to maintenance take out a good level of horsebox insurance to protect against loss or damage.

The best towing vehicles for a horse trailer will be heavy enough to maintain control of trailer when loaded to help keep both the horse and its owner safe during the transport operation. The larger and heavier your horse trailer is, the bigger the tow vehicle should be. Standard car insurance may provide some coverage for towing a trailer, but it may be limited to cover when being towed only. Best to check with your insurance provider and a separate horse trailer insurance policy should provide you with more comprehensive cover.

The best car for towing a Horsebox is a two wheel drive so the weight of the vehicle can be kept down which increases its towing capacity in most instances. What should be known is that with a regular driver’s license the maximum amount the vehicle and trailer can be is 3500 kg each to be legal on the road while towing a horsebox.

These tips on buying a used horsebox can help you get the most of your investment. This includes going with your instincts when you are inspecting the used horsebox. In general look for things that are out of place like touch up paint or areas that looks like a recent repair.

If you have lived on a farm towing trailers is probably second nature to you. However, for those urban dwellers that have never hitched up a trailer it will take some training and practice.

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