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Horse trailer insurance

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Compare horse trailer insurance

Horse trailer insurance will provide protection to your non-motorized transport vehicle should it be damaged or stolen. Your existing auto insurance will provide some cover for towing a trailer, but it will be limited to a third party and not offer cover if it is stolen or damaged.

horse trailer insurance

Trailer Types Covered

Horse trailer insurance is not required by UK law, but will help protect your investment. This type of cover can be for a livestock transporter along with general purpose trailers, box trailers, boat trailers, car trailers and gooseneck hitch trailers.

Things to remember when using a trailer

  • Because of the additional weight it adds to the tow vehicle, braking will take longer as such keeping your distance is paramount to towing safely.
  • Cornering takes longer and requires more space.
  • Keep the trailer well maintained will help prevent problems on the road.
  • Always perform a safety check before heading out on the road.
  • If transporting one horse, load it to the driver’s side, if 2 horses then load the heaviest to the driver’s side.

What is the cost of horse trailer insurance?

No definitive answer can be provided as it does depend on many factors not least the size and value of your transporter. On average expect to pay in the area of £350 plus, but this is only a ballpark figure.

Tips to reduce horse trailer insurance

As you know horse trailers are expensive items with many designed to your bespoke requirements and don't forget the expensive equipment inside. Below we have compiled some advice on ways to lower the risk of falling victim to theft.

  • Use both hitch and wheel locks to secure your trailer and keep in a secure area.
  • Valuable equipment should never be stored inside the trailer overnight.
  • Keep a record of the make, model and year of manufacture of your livestock transporter as well as photographs. These can help with a quick recovery should it be stolen or damaged in an accident.
  • Fit only anti theft devices that are recommended or approved by insurance companies.
  • Take photos as these can be used to track your transporter.

Even taking the above precautions you will still run the risk of theft. As such, make sure your horse trailer insurance policy will cover theft and damage and the payout is sufficient to replace your rig without going out of pocket. This is referred to new for old replacement.

For more information, there is the guidance for horsebox and trailers owners published by the UK government.

Levels of horse trailer insurance available

Basic third party cover will only cover any damages to the other party, you will be left to handle your own costs.

The next step up is adding Third party fire and theft cover, but still no cover to your transporter or valuable contents if you are held liable.

Fully comprehensive insurance provides the top level of cover. This type of policy will cover damage to your horsebox and other parties property. 

Compare horse trailer insurance

When you start comparing horse trailer insurance always read the policy inclusions and exclusions, some may include extras that you find attractive. Do not take out cover for things that you will not need, for example driving in Europe. When searching for any type of insurance it is prudent to compare all the available options. Offers are always changing and as Insurance needs to be renewed every year, use this fact to shop around for a better deal.  

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