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The Ifor Williams Background Story

Ifor Williams Trailers manufactures trailers for a wide range of purposes and falls under the category of 7.5-tonne lorry insurance. It caters to a diverse customer base, including farmers, show jumpers, builders, and plumbers.

Ifor Williams Fleet of Trailers and Motorised Horseboxes

  • Horse Trailers: Ifor Williams is renowned for its range of horse trailers, which come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different numbers of horses. 
  • Livestock Trailers: These trailers manufacture a wide range of livestock trailers suitable for transporting various types of animals, including cattle, sheep, pigs, and more. They can withstand the rigours of agricultural use while providing ample ventilation and space for livestock.
  • Flatbed Trailers: Ifor Williams offers a selection of flatbed trailers ideal for transporting bulky or oversized loads, such as machinery, building materials, or furniture.
  • Box Van Trailers: Ifor Williams box van trailers provide secure and weatherproof storage for transporting goods or equipment.
  • Tipper Trailers: These trailers feature hydraulic tipping mechanisms for effortless unloading, making them ideal for construction, landscaping, or agricultural applications.
  • Motorised Horseboxes: Ifor Williams manufactures a range of motorised horseboxes designed to transport horses comfortably and in style. They are equipped with luxurious living quarters for owners and advanced safety features for equine passengers, making them the preferred choice for equestrian enthusiasts.

Tips On Reducing Horsebox Insurance And Protecting Your Horsebox Or Trailer

Here are some ways through which you can cut down the cost and expense of insuring your Ifor Williams Horsebox Insurance:

  • Be Record Ready: Maintain detailed records of your trailer, including the make, model, year, and clear photos. This documentation helps with a swift recovery if your trailer is ever stolen.
  • Valuables Under Lock and Key:  Avoid leaving valuable equipment inside the trailer, especially overnight. This minimises the risk of theft and potential insurance claims.
  • Enhance your Security: Invest in anti-theft devices approved by your insurer. Many newer Ifor Williams trailers come equipped with these features, so check what's already installed and consider adding more if needed.
  • Pay As You Go: If you only use your trailer occasionally, explore usage-based insurance or mileage-based options. You can also look into temporary horsebox insurance for specific trips, which can be more affordable.
  • One-Time Payment Perks: Paying your premium in a single lump sum can save you money compared to spreading it out over a year. This avoids potential interest charges.
  • Compare multiple quotes: Don't just stick with the first quote! Get quotes from different insurance providers to find the best coverage at the most competitive rate.
  • Limit Named Drivers: Restrict your insurance policy to named drivers, preferably those over 25. Younger drivers typically come with higher insurance premiums.
  • Increase the excess: Discuss raising your voluntary excess (deductible) with your broker. This can lead to a lower premium, but remember, you will be responsible for a higher upfront cost in case of a claim.
  • Switch off Auto-Renewal:  If you have auto-renewal set up with your current insurer, consider deactivating it. This allows you to shop around for a better deal before your policy automatically renews.

Remember Horsebox Breakdown Cover

Some horsebox insurance providers may not include breakdown cover in their policies, or they may offer it at a premium price. Customers can easily compare the leading policies for horsebox or car and trailer breakdown covers separately on our website.

Compare Ifor Williams Trailer Insurance  

  • Discounts for limited mileage
  • Horsebox Insurance for vans or lorries from one to six + stalls
  • Discounts for security / immobilisers
  • Private Car NCB acceptable

Horsebox Insurance FAQ's

Do I need a particular license to tow an Ifor Williams trailer?

As of December 2021, no specialised license is necessary to tow a horse trailer with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of up to 3.5 tons. Previously, drivers were mandated to pass a specialised trailer driving test.

Horsebox and Trailer Manufacturers Insurance

Niche Providers of Horsebox Insurance Include:

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