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The Olympia Background Story

Olympia Horseboxes builds and supplies horse trailers designed for the safety and comfort of your horse. With over 25 years of experience building horse trailers, they boast of producing superior transport solutions that come with all the best features you could want, from comfy padding to plenty of space. The company also builds custom trailers to the exact needs of customers.

Olympia Fleet of Trailers and Motorised Horseboxes

  • Stallion: The Olympia Stallion box can accommodate two horses comfortably with its full-height partition. It features standard aluminum ramps for added safety and includes two bench seats with cushions and under storage, hanging rail, two saddle racks, and two bridle hooks. This horsebox is ideal for both horse transport companies and private riders. It comes with bonded windows, moulded side skirts, a unique rear moulding, and the option for either a barn or up & over door, along with other customisable features. The cab is equipped with CCTV for reversing and monitoring the horse area, air conditioning, radio, and leatherette seats.
  • Awayday: The 3.5-tonne horsebox, which can also be built as a 3.9T or 4.5T, is designed with comfort for both horse and rider in mind. It's stalled for two horses with a collapsible breast bar and offers one or two tack lockers, along with an aluminium ramp for easy access. The living area features two seats that convert to a single bed, under-seat storage, cabinetry, a sink, and a gas hob, making it perfect for a day out or an overnight stay. Optional extras include various customization options like a ramp on the driver's side, extra windows, and heating.
  • Stayaway Xl: The Olympia Stayaway XL 4.5T is designed to offer extra living space, making it ideal for both horse and rider during travel. With extensive standard specifications, the horse area ensures maximum safety and comfort for two horses, while the owner/rider benefits from the additional living space for day trips or overnight stays. Optional extras include customization features like ramps, partitions, and heating. The horse area boasts safety features such as a fully padded collapsible breast bar, reinforced bulkhead, and non-slip rubber flooring. The living quarters accommodate two people and include amenities like a portaloo and fridge. The cab comes equipped with CCTV for reversing and monitoring the horse area, air conditioning, radio, and leatherette seats.

Tips On Reducing Horsebox Insurance And Protecting Your Olympia Horsebox or Trailer

  • Keep a record of your horsebox or trailer's details, including make, model, and year, along with photos, to aid in recovery if it's stolen.
  • Avoid leaving valuable equipment inside the trailer or overnight.
  • Boost security by using anti-theft devices recommended by insurance companies and consider installing hitch and wheel locks for added protection.
  • Opt for pay-per-mile insurance if you transport livestock occasionally, and choose named drivers over 25 with clean driving records to potentially lower costs.
  •  Pay your insurance upfront to avoid extra interest charges from spreading payments over the year.
  • Obtain multiple insurance quotes to compare and find the best deal online.
  • Stick to named drivers, preferably over 25, to avoid extra charges for younger drivers.
  •  Discuss increasing your excess with your broker to lower your premium, and consider additional cover for the excess amount if desired.
  •  Turn off auto-renew with your insurance company to have the opportunity to seek better deals at renewal time.
  •  If you've bought a used horsebox and converted it into a van or trailer, make sure to inform your insurance company about the modifications before asking for a quote. This helps ensure that the quote you receive is accurate and covers all the changes you've made.

Remember Horsebox Breakdown Cover

Some providers of horsebox insurance may bot offer breakdown cover or offer the service at an excessive cost.. You can compare the best policies for horsebox or Car and Trailer breakdown cover separately on our website.

Compare Olympia Horsebox Insurance  

  • Discounts for limited mileage
  • Horsebox Insurance for vans or lorries from one to six + stalls
  • Discounts for security / immobilisers
  • Private Car NCB acceptable

Horsebox Insurance FAQ's

Do I Need A Trailer Licence To Tow A Horsebox?

You don't need a special licence to tow a horse trailer anymore (as of December 2021). This applies to trailers that weigh up to 3.5 tonnes in total (including the weight of the trailer and the horses). Before December 2021, you would have needed a separate trailer test.

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