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The Renault Master Background Story

Renault itself doesn't manufacture various horsebox models under the Renault Master name. Still, their vans have been around since 1980 and are known for their spacious interiors, powerful engines, and reliable performance. These features make them ideal base vehicles for conversions into horseboxes. Over the years, Renault Master trailers have become a popular choice for conversion companies and DIY builders due to their reliability and affordability.

Renault Master Fleet of Trailers and Motorised Horseboxes

  • Hobby: This Renault Master horsebox conversion offers a comfortable space for one or two horses, with features like a partition wall, padded walls and floor, and ventilation hatches.
  • Cheval Liberté: Of course, the priority here is comfort, as it features lowered headroom to create a more spacious feel and padded walls and floors.
  • Living Quarters Conversions: These conversions incorporate separate living spaces for the driver and the horse. It is suitable for long journeys or those who spend a lot of time at shows or events.

Tips On Reducing Renault Master Horsebox Insurance And Protecting Your Horsebox

Just like car insurance, there are ways to make your Renault Master horsebox insurance more affordable:

  • Increase your voluntary excess: This is the amount you, the driver, will pay upfront in case of a claim. Choosing to pay for a higher excess can lower your insurance premium.
  • Shop around and compare quotes: Don't settle for the first quote you see. Compare horsebox quotes from multiple insurers so you can find the best deal that suits your budget. Also, leveraging online comparison tools will allow you to get trucking quotes from various insurers quickly and easily.
  • Improve the security of your trailer by installing alarms and trackers or parking it in a secure location to deter theft. Such security measures could lower your premium.
  • Maintain a good claims history by avoiding any unnecessary claims so you can keep your premium costs down.
  • Limit mileage: Regular use of your horsebox can highly affect your premiums. However, if you only use your Horsebox occasionally, it would be better if you informed your insurer about its limited mileage so you can get lower insurance rates.
  • Named Drivers: Choose the named driver policies option rather than any driver options. This option will reduce your premiums.

Remember Horsebox Breakdown Cover

Some providers of horsebox insurance may bot offer breakdown cover or offer the service at an excessive cost.. You can compare the best policies for horsebox or Car and Trailer breakdown cover separately on our website.

Compare Renault Master Horsebox Insurance  

  • Discounts for limited mileage
  • Horsebox Insurance for vans or lorries from one to six + stalls
  • Discounts for security / immobilisers
  • Private Car NCB acceptable

Horsebox Insurance FAQ's

Do I Need A Trailer Licence To Tow A Horsebox?

In the UK, if you passed your car driving test before January 1, 1997, you likely don't need a separate license to tow a horsebox. For those who passed after this date, an additional test may be required depending on the trailer's weight.

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