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The Rice Horse Background Story

Rice Horse Trailers are a brand of horseboxes and trailers that had a reputation for durability and build excellence they were also stylish, Within then equine fraternity the shared a similar in reputation to the build quality of Ifor Williams trailers and Horseboxes. There are different varieties of Rice Trailers available depending on the size and number of horses they are meant to transport and your budget.

Popular Horse Trailers and Horseboxes Made by RIce

Rice Trailers, a well-known brand for horseboxes, ceased production. However, their trailers are still sought after, particularly for their durability and design. Here are some of the Rice Horse Trailer models:

  • Beaufort Double: The Beaufort Double is equipped with full-length side pads, a fully padded swivel-type partition, and padded breast and breech bars. Its sturdy chassis and axle strength allow it to easily carry two large horses. It also has large side windows for more light and visibility and side vents to keep your horses comfortable while on the move.
  • Beaufort Sixty: If you have big horses like Hannoverians, Trakehners, or large Dutch breeds, you know it's tough to find a trailer that fits them well. The Beaufort Sixty is made especially for big horses. It can carry two horses, each weighing over 700 kg and standing 16.3 hands high or taller. Big horses usually feel cramped in regular trailers, but the Beaufort Sixty gives them more space.  It's designed so each horse can stand comfortably with its back legs spread apart. It also has cool features like special rubber ramps to prevent slipping and easy-to-use ramps at the back. The trailer has big windows on the sides for more light and visibility, plus vents to keep the horses comfy while travelling.
  • Beaufort Treble: The Beaufort Treble can carry three horses: two large ones and a pony. Its loading setup of two in the front and one in the back is designed to keep both you and your horses safe and comfortable. With its clever three-horse partition, you can close the front partition and adjust the split breast bars for better weight distribution over the axles. This ensures safe towing by maintaining the correct nose weight. When carrying two horses, you can utilise the space in front of the breast bar for storing tack, a carriage, or feed. Similar to the Beaufort Sixty, the Beaufort Treble features rubber ramp facings for safety, easy-to-use ramp assisters, large side windows, and vents for good airflow. The trailer's gross capacity is 2700 kg, which can be increased to 3200 kg if needed.
  • Beaufort Equipoise: This device is designed to allow horses to travel in reverse during transport, which some horses find more comfortable.
  • Europa: This is a popular trailer  designed for two lightweight horses. It is praised for its efficient use of space and ease of towing.  

Tips On Reducing Horsebox Insurance And Protecting Your Rice Horsebox or Trailer

  • To keep your horsebox or horse trailer safe, remember to keep a record of its make, model, and year, along with some photos. This info can help in case it gets stolen. Also, avoid leaving valuable items inside or overnight.
  • For added security, it's wise to use anti-theft devices recommended by insurance companies. Many new motorised horseboxes already come with built-in anti-theft features. When it comes to your Rice horse trailer, use both hitch and wheel locks and store them in a secure area.
  • If you only transport livestock occasionally, consider getting insurance based on usage or miles travelled. Choose named drivers over 25 with a clean driving record.
  • Paying your horse trailer insurance should save you money compared to paying monthly. Monthly payments normally will incur extra charges.
  • Getting quotes from different insurance companies with the equine insurance sector including NFU Horsebox Insurance, Equisure ,KBIS, Shearwater Insurance, Anthony Devans and SEIB allows you to compare and find the best deal.
  • If you use your trailer occasionally, consider a pay-per-mile horsebox insurance policy. If possible, choose named drivers over 25 with clean driving records.
  • Limit your policy to named drivers, preferably over 25, to avoid extra costs for younger drivers.
  • You can lower your insurance costs by increasing the excess amount. Talk to your broker about this option and consider getting additional cover for the excess.

Remember Horsebox Breakdown Cover

Some providers of horsebox insurance may bot offer breakdown cover or offer the service at an excessive cost.. You can compare the best policies for horsebox or Car and Trailer breakdown cover separately on our website.

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  • Discounts for limited mileage
  • Horsebox Insurance for vans or lorries from one to six + stalls
  • Discounts for security / immobilisers
  • Private Car NCB acceptable
Rice Horse Trailer Insurance

Horsebox Insurance FAQ's

Do I Need A Trailer Licence To Tow A Horsebox?

Since December 2021, drivers have been no longer obligated to obtain a specialised license for towing horse trailers weighing up to 3.5 tons maximum authorised mass (MAM). Before this change, a dedicated trailer driving test was mandatory for such towing activities.

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