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Temporary horsebox insurance is a popular product, available with a select few specialist insurance companies. Short term horsebox cover is available across the range of policy types, from comprehensive to third party only (the legal minimum).  Some UK insurance brokers that provide horsebox insurance on a temp basis will limit to personal and social use only. If you need it on a commercial basis, for example on a hire for reward basis, be sure to inform your perspective broker the intended use. If in the future you wish to change usage, you will need to get permission from your broker. Failure to do so can result in invalid insurance, which is the same as driving without insurance. Driving without insurance will lead to penalty and likely a conviction.  

Short Term Horsebox Insurance for young drivers

For drivers under 21, condition will normally apply, for example horsebox insurance for under 21 must have held a licence for a minimum of 1 year without any convictions or points. 

Why is Temporary Horsebox Insurance Popular?

If owning a horse is for leisure only, you may only occasionally need to transport your horse, maybe during the summer months to local events. Whilst vets an and do visit, it may work out cheaper to bring your horse to the VET. In both these cases, you really only need horsebox insurance for a short period of time, not on an annual basis. Annual horsebox insurance is party on the costs of the vehicle and some horsebox that have been custom built are very expensive and the insurance premium  will reflect this.    

If you are not the owner of a horsebox, but a friend is  willing to loan their horsebox to you on a temporary basis, taking out your own insurance will ensure that the owner's no claim's history is not negatively impacted should you have a slight accident whilst using the borrowed Horse Trailer  or Horsebox  

Did you know?  Horsebox or equine trailer insurance does not cover injury or damage to the horse itself, and you should have your own equine insurance in place.

How much is short term Horsebox cover?

Short term cover for a horsebox will depend on two key factors. The first is the actual value of the vehicle and the second is the duration of the short term cover. Most brokers will offer cover from 1 day to 28 days, or longer periods of 1,2,3 or 6 months.  Expect to pay in the range of £50.00 - £60.00 for 1 days, 2 days would be slightly more, but not double the price .   

Did you know?  Horsebox insurance for under 21 available, conditions may apply.

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