Do you need insurance to tow a trailer?

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Insurance to tow a trailer is not a legal requirement, but if you are involved in an accident without insurance for the trailer being towed it could work very expensive, if you are deemed to be at fault.  Your existing policy may provide some cover, but it may be limited as such you should consider taking out horse trailer insurance as a standalone policy.

Towing is a skill Learned with plenty of practice (off road)

If you have lived on a farm towing trailers is probably second nature to you. However, for those urban dwellers that have never hitched up a trailer, it will take some training and practice.  

The most difficult part is reversing a trailer. To master this skill, you need to get used to the fact that when reversing, you must steer in the opposite direction that you wish the trailer to go in. In addition, slight movements to the steering wheel are magnified in the change of direction of the trailer.

After plenty of off road practice it will become natural just like riding a bike. This new skill brings with it new opportunities, for example towing a caravan or if you are a horse owner you can transport your own horse or horses to equestrian events.

Take note that when you fit a tow bar to your car or pickup, it is classed as a modification, and you must inform your insurance broker. 

On the question of what you can legally tow, it will depend on a few factors including the vehicle weight, your age and how many years that you have been driving.  See best towing vehicles for a horse trailer for further information. Start by checking with the manufacturer, as they usually indicate in the owner's manual the maximum towing weight and any other impacting factors.

Insurance requirements for Towing a horse trailer

Do not make the often false assumption that your car insurance will also provide you with sufficient cover whilst towing a trailer. Some policies will offer some cover, but it will normally be limited and not comprehensive enough to cover all your expenses in the event of an accident. Following a regular trailer safety checklist before setting off will reduce the likelihood of any accident due to the trailer being at fault.

Trailers of any description can be expensive, and horsebox trailers are often built bespoke and fitted out with expensive gear. As such, it is best to get a separate insurance policy specific to your prized trailer and your towing purpose, business or pleasure.  

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