How Much Does 3 Penalty Points Increase Car Insurance?

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Wajahat Raja

Last review June 2023

How Much Does 3 Penalty Points Increase Car Insurance?

By Wajahat Raja
Wajahat Raja
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from the MultiQuoteTime Editorial Team July 2023

Car insurance in the United Kingdom (UK) is influenced by a number of factors. Some of these factors include vehicle mileage, insurance regulations, and penalty points. Recent reports have stated that 2.6 million drivers in the UK have penalty points on their licences. Most drivers know that these points incur monetary penalties.

However, they must also understand that penalty points can increase the cost of their insurance premiums. Before we get into the actual increase in premiums caused by penalty points, let’s briefly go over what penalty points are. We’ll also cover why they are awarded and how long they can stay on your driver’s licence.

What Are Penalty Points? 

Penalty points, also referred to as endorsements, are added to your driving licence for different types of offences. Some of these offences may include speeding, driving with nonfunctional lights, or not having car insurance. The underlying principle here is that the number of penalty points you get increases with the severity of the offence.

Why Are Penalty Points Awarded? 

As mentioned, penalty points can be awarded for several different traffic violations. Three penalty points can increase the cost of your car insurance. Therefore, it's important to know which violation can lead to your receiving these points. Some of the most common traffic violations that lead to three penalty points include: 

  • Leaving your car in a dangerous position
  • Driving with defective eyesight
  • Not complying with traffic signs

In addition, some violations that may lead to three to six penalty points include:

  • Not complying with traffic signals
  • Driving beyond the legal speed limit

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How Long Do 3 Points Stay on your Licence in the UK?  

The duration for which penalty points, or endorsements, stay on your driving licence varies based on the severity of the offence. This duration can be anywhere between 4 and 11 years. Three points generally stay on your driving licence for a period of four years. It’s important to know that insurance agents and employers may be able to see that you have penalty points anytime during the endorsement.

How Easy is it to Get 3 Points?

Something as simple as a bald tire can result in a 3 point penalty, Driving with an obvious bald tire is a very serious offence as doing so can easily lead to a traffic accident. As such, fines can reach up to £2,500, with points on top.

How Can I Check How Many Points I have?

To check the total amount of penalty points you have, you will need to view your driving record. First, you must visit the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s (DVLA) official website. Then click the “Start Now” button to proceed. Please note that you will need the following information:

  • National insurance number
  • Driving licence number
  • Your postcode

Can I Remove Penalty Points from my Driving Licence? 

Penalty points, once added to your driving licence, cannot be removed. However, these points do expire after a certain time duration. If you have 3 points on your driving licence, you can not remove them, but these points will expire after a period of 4 years. During the time that the points are live, you will need to find a broker that can offer car insurance with points on licence. These providers offer cover IN10 insurance, DR10 insurance and even TT99 insurance also called totting up insurance.

How Do Penalty Points influence Insurance Premium Rates? 

Penalty points basically serve as a representation of your credibility as a driver. So, the more penalty points they have, the lower your credibility. Insurance premium rates are decided based on the likelihood of you actually needing the insurance. This means that if you have no penalty points on your licence, you're a credible driver and will likely never use the insurance. 

In such cases, the insurance provider may offer a premium rate that is more affordable. However, the opposite is also true. If you have some penalty points, your credibility as a driver decreases. Insurance companies see you as high-risk. This means that you’re more likely to use the insurance at some point in time. In such cases, the insurance provider may charge you a higher premium rate.

Average Premuim based on penalty points

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Should I Inform my Insurance Company about my Penalty Points? 

Most people often believe that they don’t need to inform their insurance provider about the penalty since they have already paid for the policy. However, it’s important to understand that you are liable for informing your insurance provider about penalty points you have received upon policy renewal. 

In addition, some insurance providers also have a clause that requires policyholders to regarding any new convictions or penalty points they receive. In either case, it’s better to keep your insurance provider updated. If you fail to update your insurance carrier, any future claims you make can be rejected, and your policy may be terminated.

How Much will my Premium Increase if I have 3 penalty points? 

As mentioned, premium increases resulting from penalty points depend on the severity of the event, which led to you receiving the points. Three points can stay on your driving record for four years. Three penalty points can generally lead to a 5% to 10% increase in insurance premiums. If you have received penalty points, you should inform your insurance carrier, as failure to do may lead to the rejection of future claims or policy termination. 

Can I Reduce the Impact of Penalty Points on my Insurance Premium? 

When it comes to the impact of penalty points on insurance premiums, it’s important that it can vary from one provider to the other. Different insurance providers have different risk tolerance, which in turn determines the premium rates they charge. 

In addition, a policyholder can’t really reduce or control the impact of penalty points on their premium. However, given that premiums vary from one provider to another, looking for alternative providers may help find a more affordable option. It’s important to know that some insurance carriers specialise in providing policies to convicted drivers or to those who have received penalty points.

How Many Penalty Points lead to a Driving Ban?

Individuals who receive 12 penalty points during a three-year time period may experience a ban or disqualification from driving. It’s important to know that the ban will last for a minimum of six months. However, the six-month duration may increase if you have received the ban or disqualification for the second or third time in a period of three years. In addition, it’s important to note that drivers with a learner permit may be banned for having seven penalty points.

This type of penally is referred to as a totting up ban and in this situation you will to find TT99 insurance after the ban is lifted.

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