Car Insurance Costs After A Drink And Driving Conviction

Driving convictions, are on the increase, mostly driven by the increase in the number of cameras mounted on traffic lights and speed cameras. As you are likely aware, these are handed out for not obeying a traffic signal

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If you never had to deal with drink and drive conviction, consider yourself lucky. Driving under the influence is a serious conviction regardless of the country. If you’re caught driving while under an alcohol level that is above the legal limit in the UK, it can have serious consequences for you.

In 2020, about 6,500 people lost their lives or suffered injuries as a result of drink driving. There are hefty legal penalties along with the soaring costs of car insurance. In this article, we are going to guide you on how to navigate your car insurance policies after the drink driving conviction in the best possible ways.

Is It Possible To Get Car Insurance After Being Convicted For Drink-Driving?

Yes, it is possible to get cheap car insurance after being convicted of drink and driving. Still, you should understand that it is a complex process.

There are chances that you might have to pay heavy amounts in insurance premiums. In some cases, car insurance companies may simply deny the payment for your damages.

The drink driving conviction impacts your licence for years. The penalty points may vary from 3-11 if you have been convicted for the offence. You may also get driving ban and fines. You will also face difficulties in getting the car insurance in the future.

Insurance companies consider drink driving convictions as a risk factor for insurance. A high-risk offender is more likely to get involved in collisions or file claims. Hence, getting a car insurance is difficult. The conviction itself can impact your future, it can hinder you getting a job due to preconceived notions regarding DUI.

Insurance companies can rip you off with hefty car insurance premiums if you have been convicted of drink-driving previously. You may have to pay an unlimited fine or may even face a prison sentence for the offence.

A drink driving conviction in the UK can dramatically raise the price of your car insurance. Depending on how serious your case was, obtaining a drink-driving conviction (DR10) may cause your car insurance premium to increase two or even three times. Insurance companies may refuse to renew your insurance or charge you extremely high rates if you have a conviction for drinking and driving.

Drink driving conviction will have an impact on your car insurance for at least five years. It remains on your license for 11 years. This is the minimum amount of time you must declare to the insurer of your drink driving conviction. However, the consequences for your insurance and the penalty points on your driving licence could continue for years.

There are many physical factors that affect an alcohol result. Determining the precise amount of drinks that will keep you under the limit while driving in the UK is impossible. The reading will be impacted by your age, weight, metabolism, and the most recent meals you had

The legal alcohol limit in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland is:

  • 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, or 35 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath

The Scottish legal alcohol limit is:

  • 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, or 22 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath

Severe Penalties and Fines

The consequences of a drink driving offence depend upon the severity and specifics of the case. Attempting to drive while drunk, you could receive even a prison sentence of up to six months, a hefty fine of up to £2,500, and a 3-year driving ban.

Though there are various ways to reduce the costs of a new car insurance policy after the drink and drive conviction, you must be very cautious following the below-mentioned strategies in this article.

Here are some of the best ways to lower the cost of insurance after drink driving.

If your driving suspension is for a period of 12 months or longer, you might be eligible to shorten it by enrolling in a drink-driving rehabilitation scheme (DDRS) programme.

Many specialist insurance companies recognise these programmes and may provide policyholders who have successfully completed their courses.

Compare Insurance Prices

After a drink driving conviction, comparing  specialist insurance companies' quotes from different insurance providers is essential for receiving the best offer. Insurance premiums can differ dramatically because various insurers evaluate risk in different ways.

A Telematics/Black Box Plan

To track driving habits, including speed, braking, and adherence to traffic laws, telematics policies put a small device in the car.

Safe driving practices can result in lower premiums, giving people a chance to demonstrate their increased responsibility behind the wheel.

Change your Vehicle

You may also opt for a car model that has low insurance premium rates amid certain specifications. Even if you have been convicted of drunk driving, your insurance premiums will be less expensive if you purchase a car in a lower insurance group. Look at insurance group 7 cars as these contain some of the cheapest cars to insurance and keep on the road.

To ensure that you will save money, verify which category your insurer places your automobile in because different insurance companies rate vehicles in different ways.

It is best to get assistance from specialist car insurance companies, ideally one with experience assisting convicted driver insurance via high-risk policies to get the best deal.

Average Premuim based on penalty points

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Need To Compare Drink Driving Ban Insurance?

You’re considered a high-risk driver if you’re convicted of drink-driving in a UK court. Too bad, not too many insurance companies will be willing to help you with cheap car insurance if you get this status.

But with the right guidance, you can get multiple quotes from a select panel of UK convicted driver insurance providers.

The select panel can provide insurance for drivers with points on their licence or convicted drivers. The panel is able and willing to provide you with car insurance, for those that have collected a few too many points on their licence. Simply click the Get Quotes option below and fill in a quick form to get access to multiple quotes. Then all you have to do is pick the best one!

Affordable car insurance for drivers with convictions and points

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Drink Driving Offence FAQ's

will taking a drink driving help course help to reduce insurance

After drink driving convictions, lowering insurance prices takes time. You may take a government-approved drink-driving rehabilitation course. Declare your driving convictions and find a competitive car insurance provider with the best price offering by comparing a bunch of them.

How much does your insurance go up if you get caught drink driving?

Expect a significant increase, in most cases your insurance will double so if you are paying £900 expect to pay £1,800, you are looking at facing an increase of 100 %. This increase can last for a period of 5 years post conviction.

Will my insurance pay out if I was drink driving?

If you are in an accident and are over the legal limit, the insurance company will only pay out to the third party, and you will be solely responsible for your own costs

How much does a drink-drive rehabilitation course reduce the ban?

Using a mobile phone, or any other handheld device, puts you and others at risk as your focus is likely to deviate from driving. Such action leads to a CU80 conviction on your driving record and results in an increase in premium rates.

What are the consequences of failure to declare a DUI conviction?

A UK drink driving conviction stays on your driving record for 11 years. Failure to mention a conviction when getting insurance quotes could invalidate your policy.

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