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Guide To Launderette Insurance & Dry Cleaners Insurance

By Eamonn Turley
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July 2023

When providing the best possible laundrette or dry cleaners service, events still occur that will be out of your control and the reason to have the right launderette insurance that will protect and cover your investment. In providing the cleaning service, you are taking responsibility for customer garments, some of which can be super expensive.  

Laundrette insurance is designed to protect your business from these and other risks associated with your business. Cover is also available for launderettes in Northern Ireland.

What Can Be Included In launderette Insurance Cover?


The core of any business insurance policy is the public liability element. This important element will protect your business against claims made by members of the public for injury, illness, loss of personal belongings and property damage claims from members of the public. Beyond that, you can tailor your policy to include other elements to cover the risk that you face. Example, if you own the building, you can include building cover. If you have employees, you will also legally need employer's liability cover.  

Public liability Insurance

This type of coverage is necessary just in case an unforeseen accident occurs. Whether you own a self-service launderette or a full service garment cleaning service, the protection against accidents is a must to help prevent the closing of your business due to a lawsuit from a customer.

Most accidents in this business sector are from slips on the floor from water being spilled. There are also numerous accidents from people being burned because dryers are present to help dry the clothes and can be dangerous. Both of these areas are covered with the proper public liability insurance coverage.

To help reduce the unattended launderette insurance cost, the use of CCTV is recommended. Most self-service launderettes are not manned during all the hours they are open. The monitoring of the facility is very useful in the stopping of false claims by the public and can save the business owner, time, money and frustration.

There are additional hazards that can also be covered by this type of insurance policy. This is to cover the cost if a customer’s clothes are damaged while in your care. There are different levels of this type of coverage so that you can choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

Business Interruption Insurance

If an incident occurs that prevents you from continuing your daily business, for example fire damage to your business premises, interruption insurance is aimed at providing a fixed level of pre agreed financial support for a fixed period of time. The time period should be sufficient to get your business back on track and open to regular customers and the public. 

Employee Liability Insurance

For any business owner, employers liability insurance is a legal requirement when you have staff working employed by the business. This is the coverage you need to cover the cost when an employee is injured while at work. This injury can be the fault of the employee, the working conditions or faulty equipment. Employer's liability insurance will cover the cost made by employees, should they become injured or become ill as a result of carrying out their work duties.

Legal Expenses

Legal expense cover will provide you with cover for legal fees should you be taken to court, or you wish to file proceedings against another party

Business Money Protecting

A launderette is the type of business that can be targeted for theft, as such it is important to consider including cover for business cash giving extra peace of mind.

Stock Insurance

This provides cover for the damage, loss or theft of materials or garments in your possession or under your control. The level of stock insurance should be calculated to ensure it truly reflects the full value of your stock, making sure you are not under insured.

Transit Insurance

In this busy world today, more and more customers are requesting home delivery service and the garment cleaning businesses is no exception. What most businesses are not aware of is that standard vehicle insurance coverage does not cover the cost of items being transported for business purposes.

To cover the replacement cost of items that are damaged in transport due to an accident or other reason, transit insurance for a commercial vehicle is required.

How Much Is Unattended Launderette Insurance?

When it comes to the cost of unattended launderette insurance, it will depend on a number of factor, but some key factors include the level of cover for public liability and property insurance. Another important factor will be the post code of the business, if it happens to be in a post code noted for higher rates of crime, except to pay more. Lastly, is your own history of making insurance claims. If you have a history of making claims, the final policy quote will be higher to cover additional risk.

To get the cost of insurance for your particular garment cleaning business requirements, complete one simple form to get instant access to very competitive shop insurance package quotes for unattended launderette shop insurance from a select panel of insurance companies.   The information will help you to make an informed decision in the purchase of your business insurance.

Equipment Insurance

The backbone of a launderette business is the equipment to draws the dirty and debris out of the clothing items. This type of equipment breaks down and wears out over time and will need to be repaired and replacement over time. Launderette Insurance can protect the business owner from a huge expense that could actually close the business down due to lack of funds and working equipment.

These are the basic options for a launderette owner and dry cleaners to know about. By knowing your launderette Insurance options and what you need to cover can help keep the premium costs to a minimum while still protecting your business from an unexpected expenditure that could close you down.

What Type Of Businesses Can Be Insured?

The panel can provide you with quotes tailored to meet your business requirements. Cover is available for one dry cleaning shop or a chain of dry cleaners, a launderette, either manned or unmanned. 

Get Quotes Now

Now that you have researched the types of insurance available, it may be time to start getting some indicative quotes from the panel of specialist insurance providers. The policy can be furthered amended and elements added or removed to meet your specific dry cleaning or Laundrette business requirements. 

If the business is your livelihood and one that you have worked hard to establish, it is really important that you take out the appropriate insurance cover  to protect your investment and livelihood from any type of unforeseen eventuality.

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