JCB Insurance

JCB insurance services is a business focused insurance broker that has been providing tailored made cover in the UK for the past 31 years. Their registered office is located at Rocester, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

Does JCB insurance specialize in any business sector?

Yes, JCB insurance services specialize in the construction and manufacturing sectors of business. Areas of focus include Civil engineering, Plant Hire, Groundworks, Plant machinery, Construction, Construction equipment security and registration, Waste and recycling along with Motor fleet cover.

What types of policies do JCB insurance provide their clients?

  • Plant insurance
  • Construction insurance
  • Hired in plant insurance
  • Digger insurance
  • Private liability insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Employers liability insurance
  • Hired in plant insurance short term
  • Hired in plant insurance
  • Motor fleet insurance
  • Van insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Groundworks insurance
  • Contractors insurance
  • Paving contractors insurance
  • Utility contractor insurance
  • Excavator insurance
  • Civil engineering contractors insurance
  • Civil engineers insurance
  • Curtain walling contractors insurance
  • Blockwork contractor insurance
  • Building contractor insurance
  • Muck away contractors insurance
  • Haulage contractors insurance
  • Piling contractors insurance
  • Waste and recycling contractors insurance
  • Skip hire insurance

What type of businesses uses JCB insurance brokerage services?

Both small and big businesses use JCB insurance brokerage services to find the right cover for their needs. This service is there to help with the logistics of covering all the different aspects of a manufacturing plant or the construction of a new building or site. For most organizations, the vastness of necessary cover and the time required to locate then purchase such insurance too costly to be undertaken by people with little to no experience in this unique field.

Why should a business hire JCB insurance brokerage services?

Hiring JCB insurance brokerage services should be considered because they have the experts on staff in this complicated field and can get the required paperwork in proper order in the shortest allotment of time. If the cover for the project is not in place on time following the schedule, the delays could cost the plant or construction firm millions of pounds. By hiring a specialist, the project can proceed on time with all the necessary paperwork in place.

Why would a company need all the cover JCB insurance brokerage services can provide?

Both operating manufacturing plants and the construction of new buildings and sites are very large investments. With the projects being so large vast amounts of investments are being made and are at risk if too many problems occur. With the correct type of cover and the right level, the project can stay on course and proceed on schedule while the insurance coverage handles the problems they are designed to take care of.

Is JCB insurance brokerage services a one policy fits all?

No, since each project is unique so will the cover necessary to take care of all the risks of a project. Because of that, each client will receive personalized services tailored to fit their specific needs and budget for their planned project. This is why small medium and large projects by businesses can and do use JCB insurance brokerage services to reduce the damage the many risks of operating a project inheritably have.

It is true that JCB insurance brokerage services are not the only firm that handles this type of cover to reduce and handle the risks associated with construction and manufacturing projects, but they do have a relatively good reputation at this time.

Since they are a broker they will provide a variety of choices for their clients to make the final decision on which cover and from whom to accept.