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Do I Need Insurance for my Jewellery Business?

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July 2023

If you are the owner of a jewellery shop, you will need a level of cover that protects your valuable stock. Jewellery shop insurance can provide you with cover for your shop or your commercial business. 

The jewellery trade has always been healthy in the UK and can fall into different categories. These include Retailer or outlet store, designers, manufactures, pawnbroker, jeweller fairs, a high-street chain or an independent jewellery workshop with sales counter. This is cover that needs to be tailored to your specific business requirements. The quote system provided by QuoteSearcher can help by sharing your Jewellery shop insurance requirements, with a panel of select UK brokers. These brokers will compete for your business.

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Is Jewellery Shop Insurance A Legal Requirement

If you run a Jewellery shop or business no legal requirements exists to have cover for your premises and stock, but if you employ staff you must have employer's liability insurance. However, if you have valuable stock and also trade with the public, you should consider both public liability and product liability to safeguard your business from financial loss.

Jewellers insurance Polices tailored to your business needs

Depending on your role in the UK Jewellery trade, you should consider the following options listed below.

This applies to all jewellery makers who sell their designs online or at craft fairs. This is because it applies specifically to your product. Essentially, if a product that you have sold is responsible for the injury of another person, you may be held liable for that injury. Product liability insurance for your jewellery business will cover you if a claim of that nature arises –whether that’s in the form of compensation or finding the money to cover legal fees.

What Can Be Included In Jewellery Shop Insurance Cover?

Product Liability

Product Liability :  If you are a jewellery designer or manufacturer, product liability will cover against any claim made by the public in relation to injury caused your jewellery products. 

Public liability insurance offers you cover if anything in connection with your business – products, venues, or otherwise – is responsible for injury or damage to property of a third party. For example, this could apply if you were in attendance at a craft fair and someone tripped over a cable you were using to supply your craft stall with electricity for lighting. In this instance, public liability usually covers you for costs associated with a claim made against you for injury or damage to property.

Public Liability  

Public Liability: This is cover for anything in connection to an injury or damage to the property of a third party. This is important for Jewellers that deal with the public. The classic example is a customer tripping over a loose cable whilst in your shop. Many fairs and exhibitions will insist of you having public liability shop before allow you to participate in these type of events.

Business Interruption Insurance

Interruption of business insurance will provide an agreed level of financial support for a fixed period of time to enable you to get your business back up and running. The cover is designed to protect you when you can not continue operating, for example the building is flooded or damaged by fire. Please refer to the policy for exact details of cover and the conditions for cover to start. 

Buildings Cover 

If you are the owner of the building you can include building's cover, if you are letting the property then the commercial landlord will be responsible for taking out building's insurance

Exhibitions and Fairs:  

Exhibitions and Fairs:  If you attend fairs or exhibitions, make sure your policy includes cover for your Jewellery at such events.

How Much Is Jewellers Shop Insurance?

The cost of Jewellers shop insurance will depend on a number of factors that are sued to determine your risk of making a claim and the size of the claim to the insurance company. The value of stock will play an important role and your claims' history. Security factors will also factor in, so it may be worth discussing how your premium could be lowered by employing better security measures. 

Get Multiple Jewellers insurance Quotes Quickly

Insurance for jewellers is more complex than standard shop insurance. We work in partnership with Quotezone who forward your details onto specialist insurance brokers. To get a range of competitive quotes quickly, simple click the quote button below and provide and answers a few essential questions. 

To start comparing, you only need to do complete one quick, simple form with your details. On completion, you will have access to a team of specialist insurance providers that work within the jewellery business sector and can tailor the policy to your exact requirements.

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