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Guide To Just Landlords Insurance

Just landlord insurance is one of the many bands under the ownership and control of Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited.

Within the insurance sector, Gallagher is a recognised brand and leader in the insurance industry worldwide. Founded by Arthur J. Gallagher in Chicago in 1927 it is a global insurance brokerage providing insurance services in over 130 countries. They also specialise in risk management, helping to protect people and potential reduce your insurance costs by reducing claims.

Guide To Just Landlords Insurance

As you may have guessed, providing landlord insurance is just one of the many products available through AJ Gallagher. When renting out a property, landlords expose themselves to certain risks and obligations, which can be covered by a simple landlord insurance policy. Landlord insurance is different from normal home insurance policy. It is not mandated by law in the UK, and it is sometimes a requirement of buy-to-let mortgages

What Is Covered in Just Landlords’ Landlord’s Insurance?

Depending on the policy and any added riders, landlord insurance can offer varying degrees of specialist insurance. Other than just building insurance, a landlord insurance policy often provides protection for multiple properties. Just Landlords’ insurance covers almost all the aspects related to a landlord’s insurance policies.

If your property is damaged by fire, flood, storm, vandalism, or any other insured disaster, your building insurance will pay to restore or rebuild the structure by accidental damage cover.

Landlords should get “contents insurance”, which pays to replace or repair the landlord’s furniture, appliances, and tools if they are damaged or stolen while on the property.

Property owner's liability insurance pays for landlord legal expenses and claims for damages under the tenancy agreement if a tenant is harmed or their contents are damaged on the property.

In the event of a covered loss, such as a fire or flood, the insurance policy will compensate the policyholder for lost rental income.

Rent income is protected by “tenant default” in the tenancy agreement, which may result in tenant eviction if tenants avoid paying rent and their bills for a while.

It is possible that typical buildings' insurance and content insurance policies will not apply to an unoccupied property if left unhitched longer than 30 days.

Several factors, including the insurer, the property's location and kind, the number and type of renters, the landlord's chosen excess, legal fees, and landlord home emergency cover, can affect the cost and scope of landlord buildings insurance.

Why Do You Need Landlord Insurance?

You may require additional protections beyond the standard homeowner's policy if you rent out your home.

While a home insurance policy will cover some of the hazards connected with owning rental property, it will not cover everything. If you don't have the correct insurance, you could end up losing a lot of money and have to bear legal expenses if something unexpected happens.

Why “Just Landlords Insurance”?

Getting insurance at a reasonable rate and according to your requirements is not an easy task. Many landlords do not have much time and interest to research and get the best available insurance policy for their rental property.

Just Landlords’ insurance policy is a product that is designed considering the most important factors a landlord must have to get covered while getting his property insured.

The company offers a transparent specialist cover without hidden charges to the buyers. Due to the detailed considerations, there are 40 different insurance covers available for the property owners to pick the most suitable one.

This gives Just Landlords’ Insurance an edge over its competitors and makes it one of the top-rated insurance policies for landlords.

Just Landlord’s Insurance is a trustworthy product with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot with plenty of positive reviews from customers. The clients prefer this insurance policy because of its flexible and comprehensive coverage.

Just Landlords’ has a team of competitive insurers and market researchers to comply with the regulations, market trends, and client demands, hence offering the best policy in value for money.

What Does Just Landlords’ Insurance Cover?

Just Landlords offers a competitive landlord insurance policy with multiple coverages, including buildings insurance, landlord contents insurance, landlord liability insurance, loss of rental income and alternative tenant accommodation insurance. 

It also includes malicious damage and theft by tenants, replacement locks insurance, unauthorized alterations, and unauthorized use of water, electricity, and gas services. 

These features cover various types of damage, such as fire, lightning, storms, explosions, floods, and theft. Just Landlords also provides up to £5,000 for replacement or repair costs of lost or damaged items. The policy also covers costs associated with theft or attempted theft.

These features cover various types of damage, such as fire, lightning, storms, explosions, floods, and theft. Just Landlords also provides up to £5,000 for replacement or repair costs of lost or damaged items. The policy also covers costs associated with theft or attempted theft.

Just Landlord Insurance Products

This provider offers the full range of landlord insurance services for all tenant types and property types, range from student landlord insurance to HMO insurance and everything in between. They also provide unoccupied property insurance and insurance for second or holiday home insurance in Spain and abroad.

How to Get the Best Landlord Insurance?

To find better landlord insurance quotes, compare quotes from different providers, increase security, keep contents insurance to a minimum, and make sure to pay your premiums annually.

Monthly payment plans may increase the overall cost of your landlord insurance policy, so opt for annual payments to keep costs down. Additionally, consider installing additional security features in your rental property to reduce theft and burglary risks.

Just Landlord FAQ's

What Insurance Should I Have as a Landlord?

Landlords should have landlord insurance, which typically covers property damage, liability, and loss of rental income. Additional coverage, like flood insurance, may be necessary based on property location.

How to Get Cheap Landlord Insurance?

To get cheap landlord insurance, compare quotes from multiple providers, consider bundling policies, and implement safety measures. Adjusting deductibles and maintaining good credit can also help reduce costs.

Do All Landlords Need Landlord Insurance?

While not legally required, all landlords should strongly consider landlord insurance to protect their investment. It provides essential coverage against various risks associated with rental properties.

Can You Get Temporary Landlord Insurance?

Yes, you can get short term landlord insurance to cover specific needs like vacancies or renovations. Discuss your requirements with insurance providers to find a suitable short-term policy.

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