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Key cover insurance comparison in 2022

You are fumbling in your pocket for your house key, whilst thinking could I have lost or have they been stolen. I expect most of us have experienced that feel of dread as it dawns on you that you have in fact lost your house keys. The first priority is to get into your house, but it is so well secured you need to enlist the help of a locksmith. This is only the start of the nightmare journey when you lose or when your horse keys are stolen.

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hhouse key cover insurance

Key cover insurance for any key that you use.

Key cover is not limited to home keys, but extends to cover any key that is insured, such as car or vehicle keys. For most, the car and house key insurance are the most important. 

When can I claim on my policy 

The cover is valid in the event that you lose, breakage, damage or theft of any key, insured under the policy. This also provides cover if you simply locked the key inside your residence or vehicle.

How can key loss be prevented?

Key Fob Tracking : Technology is now available fairly cheaply to embed a tracking device into your key fob. Check out the Amazon Tile Pro with a finding range of 120 meters, battery claimed to last one year. The device will work with Google smart home and Alexa.

Return address plus reward : Add your address to the key fob and promise a small reward to cover any inconvenience in returning your lost keys. 

What is included in house key cover insurance?

Whilst you do not want to make a habit of losing your keys, the policy will not limit you on the number of claims per policy year. 

  • Locksmith charges :   if the seller (vendor) withdraws from the sale as a result of receiving and accepting an alternative offer in excess of  £1,000 
  • New locks : replacement keys (including any immobiliser, infra-red handset and/or alarm which is a functional part to any insured key
  • Replacement keys: Cover for the loss, theft or damage to any key insured under the policy, including keys locked inside your property or your vehicle.  
  • Unlimited Claims : No limit on the number of claims made on the policy.
  • Onward Transport Costs: : Loss of job changes your position on proceeding
  • Vehicle Hire : In the event that you can not use your vehicle or motorbike, the policy will pay out £40 per day for a maximum of 3 days due to lost, stolen or broken keys. You will still be responsible for any vehicle hire excess amount. 
  • Accommodation Costs: : If you can not get access to your home alternative accommodation costs will be covered, £120 per insured event

Key protection Insurance is it worth it?

Key cover insurance at £14.99 for 12 months is not expensive, the question is are you happy to pay that for the cover that it provides. It just takes you to lose one set of keys that are insured to reap the rewards of this policy type. Paying a small amount each month will prevent you being faced with a hefty charge  to call out a locksmith and pay for new locks and key replacement service, if necessary.

Exclusions and what is not covered in insured key cover

  • Claims can not exceed £1,500 in total in any one insurance period  
  • Receipts need to be produced for any claims to be processed
  • Claims that are not reported within 30 days of the event
  • Claims for theft or loss where that have not been reported to the police within a 48-hour timeframe of becoming aware of the loss or theft.
  • Loss or damage to property other than related to replacement of key loss is not covered. The cover will extend to the lock or ignition system and attached alarm system only.

FAQ's Key Cover

Can I claim inside the first 14 days?

No claims will be accepted by the policy provider inside the first 14 days

Is there an excess?

The Oops key protection policy comes with zero excess

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