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What is land liability insurance?

Land liability insurance will cover the cost of any claims made by members of the public, visitors ,employees or customers for any accidents that occur on your land. 

In other words, having land public liability cover will protect you from being taken to the cleaners should you be found negligent in a claim made by a third party whilst present on your land. Unfortunately, some members o the public see this as a way of enriching themselves by falsely claiming an accident occurred as a result of the owner's negligence.  This type of cover will also provide you with cover should for example a tree fall on the next door neighbour's property and cause financial damage.

Having highlighted what is land liability insurance and some reasons why land insurance may be a good idea, it is not a legal requirement.

Should you decide that land insurance is a product that you wish to purchase, comparison of land insurance options from a range of brokers is a logical step in finding a cover that meets with your requirements. We have partnered with Quote Zone that can help you in the comparison process. They have a strong panel of UK land insurance brokers that offer land liability insurance products.  Get started by completing one easy form today  

Do you need insurance on private land?

The need for private land insurance will be dictated by your decision on whether you deem it necessary, as mentioned it is not a legal requirement.

Land insurance cost

The cost of land insurance will depend on the size of the plot. A small acreage amount costing less than a larger acreage.  Another important factor will be the level of public liability required, please refer to the table below for standard liability level options offered by ULK brokers 

Public liabilityLevels of Cover Available
Public liability insurance£1,000,000
Public liability insurance£2,000,000
Public liability insurance£5,000,000
Public liability insurance£10,000,000

Can you get insurance on a piece of land?

As previously  mentioned, land liability insurance is designed to cover any land acreage, from many acres  to a small piece of land.

What type of land can be insured?

  • Farm or arable land 
  • Brownfield site insurance : A site previously developed and the n abandoned.
  • Woodland and Moorland
  • Private road insurance
  • Fields & Undeveloped Pasture
  • Residents Association Owned
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