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What is Land Liability Insurance?

Land insurance will cover the cost of any claims made by members of the public, visitors, employees or customers for any accidents that occur on your land. Being held liable for this type of claim can result in financial struggle to pay the claim amount as these can be excessive.

This type of insurance cover is aimed at covering the landowner's financial liability for injury or damage to others. For example, it could cover you for a claim made by a visitor (or even a trespasser) injuring themselves whilst on your land.

Farm Insurance

Whilst it does seem unfair, legislation was introduced to make landowners liable for injury to members of the public whilst on your land even if they are trespassing. Whether such a claim is successful will depend on the court, as it primary aimed at protecting children.  Having cover in place for such an event will help you rest easy. 

Claims for injury against a land lower are not uncommon and if you were to be found at fault and the injury was serious you would be held liable. These types of payouts can be financially crippling. 

Unfortunately, some members o the public see this as a way of enriching themselves by falsely claiming an accident occurred as a result of the owner's negligence. As such, you may wish to add legal cover so that you can defend any such claims. 

Why Can The Landowner Be Held Liable?

It does seem unfair that a member of the public can effectively trespass on your land also make a claim for injury if they happen to trip and injury themselves. The legislation was introduced to protect children who like adventure and will innocently trespass to explore the hay barn or some other part of the farm

It is likely that any adult trespasser would not be successful in taking an injury claim to any UK court as the court would likely side with the landowner

Having said that, for those that need land insurance to cover risk maybe for a visitor to the farm shop or children from the local school on a day out, it is good to know that you are also covered should an unwelcome visor decide to make a claim and take you to court.r

Who Benefits From Land Insurance?

Farm or land Liability Insurance is for any land owner that worry about the liability associated with owning a plot of land. Whilst it may seem unfair, the landowner can be held liable for injury to the public even if the land has been clearly been marked as private property. The solution is Land liability cover that is available from the panel of insurance providers for all types of landowners in the UK, including Northern Ireland. 

Is Land Liability Insurance A Legal Requirement?

It is not a legal requirement to have a land insurance policy, but it is something that should be given serious consideration. It will provide a feel safe factor, and it is not that expensive relative to the amount of protection that it provides.   

Common Types Of Claims Include:

  • A member of the public trips as a result of uneven path whilst walking on your private road
  • A falling branch cause injury to a passer by
  • A tree falls, causing damage to a neighbour's car or car parked at land boundary

Should you decide that land insurance is a product that you wish to purchase, comparison of land insurance options from a range of insurance companies is the first step in finding a cover that meets with your requirements. We have partnered with Quote Zone that can help you in the comparison process. They have a strong panel of UK land insurance brokers.  Get started by completing one easy form today  

What Does Land Insurance Cost

The cost of land insurance will depend on the size of the plot. A small acreage amount costing less than a larger acreage.  Another important factor will be the level of public liability required, please refer to the table below for standard liability level options offered by UK brokers 

Public liability (PL) OptionsLevels of Cover Available

What Type Of Land Can Be Insured?

  • Farm or arable land 
  • Brownfield site insurance : A site previously developed and the n abandoned.
  • Woodland and Moorland
  • Private paved and unpaved road insurance
  • Fields & Undeveloped Pasture
  • Residents Association Owned

Is this type of insurance appropriate for a private road?

If you have a private road or share one with your neighbours, this type of policy will protect you and your neighbours from the risk of a claim action. Example, if a member of the public was injured on the road, and they make a legal claim for damages again the landowner. 

Compare Landowners Insurance

If you need cheap land liability insurance, complete one simple form provided by Quotezone you will receive multiple quotes from a panel of UK specialist insurance providers. If the property has been vacated without contents, you may wish to consider a building's insurance empty property policy.

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