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Guide to Leeds Taxi and Private Hire Insurance

If you ever suffer a vehicle accident, repairs will surely cost you some money. As a taxi driver in Leeds, you’ll lose more earnings while your vehicle is unable to work properly. However, it could play out differently if you have adequate insurance cover for you and your vehicle.

Note that you need a taxi licence, regardless of the commercial transport type you operate. Also, depending on the plan you opt for, you can offer coverage for your vehicle, yourself, passengers, and properties. To secure your business and prevent potential legal actions against you, your vehicle insurance policy must be strong.

If you want to save time and money to figure out taxi insurance processes, you can discuss this with an expert Leeds taxi insurance broker.

What are the Different Types of Taxi Insurance in Leeds?

1. Public hire insurance

Public hire taxi insurance applies to vehicles registered for public hire. Examples of public hire vehicles are the typical black cab you can hail prior to any booking, or cabs marked with a sign on its roof indicating the vehicle is in use.

2. Private hire insurance

On the other hand, private hire insurance or PHV insurance typically applies to taxi services that require passengers to book your service beforehand. Unlike public hire vehicles, private hires can’t use the taxi ranks or be spontaneously stopped on the street without a prior booking.

3. Other insurance schemes

This category applies to vehicle insurance schemes that don’t fit into public and private hire vehicles. These insurance providers work with chauffeurs, limousines, minibuses, and other non-conventional ride-hailing services. Another example is the taxi fleet insurance.

Who provides Leeds taxi insurance?

Most high street insurance agents can provide you with Leeds taxi insurance, but also check out the specialists providers in this niche. These include Acorn taxi insurance, Bells, Freeway taxi insurance, Westminster, Paton's, Aviva taxi insurance and Haven amongst others. Also check out Milestone taxi insurance, a broker who is based in Leeds.

What Level of Covers Are Available For Taxi Insurance in Leeds?

Taxi insurance in Leeds can be somewhat complex, but you can look out for the following coverage options below;

  • Third-Party-Only (TPO) Cover: This is the most fundamental coverage option that the UK regulations require. It covers damages you cause to passengers, properties, and other vehicles during an accident. Note that this plan won’t cover you or your vehicle.
  • Third-Party with Fire and Theft Cover:  This provides additional cover if your taxi vehicle is stolen or destroyed by fire or explosion. Still no cover for your own vehicle when it comes to repairs, property damage or injury. 
  • Public Liability Insurance: This option protects you and your business from lawsuits claiming negligence from accidents leading to injury to body and property.
  • Breakdown Cover: As it implies, taxi breakdown will cover your vehicle repairs when it breaks down. As such, you may not need to contact a recovery service.

Cover is available for a range of vehicle categories, including :

  • Black cabs (LCI TX1, FX or TX4 )
  • Passenger van, (Ford Galaxy, Mercedes Vito taxi & others)
  • All saloons, examples include Audi, VW and Toyota
  • 9 Seater minibuses

How Does a Taxi Insurance Differ From a Car Insurance Policy?

Based on UK law, a cab transport business can’t be covered under a basic car insurance policy, owing to several reasons. Usually, a vehicle used for taxi services has more mileage, is usually bigger, and is more prone to danger and mishap. 

Further, you need a taxi insurance in Leeds for the following reasons that don’t apply to regular road users;

  • By having members of the public in your taxi cab or private vehicle, you are open to claims by them. Example it is possible that they can sue you if they suffer damages during an accident.
  • If your vehicle gets damaged, burnt, or stolen.
  • Providing stability to your business.

Which local taxi authorities can I get a quote for?

MultiQuoteTime works in partnership with SEOPA Ltd to provide for our customer a comprehensive online insurance comparison service. This gives our customer access to a panel of specialist taxi insurance providers that can provide cover for all taxi authorities, including the following :

  • Leeds
  • Edinburgh
  • Bristol
  • Sheffield

How to find the best taxi insurance in Leeds

Finding the best insurance policy depends on your unique situation, your budget, and the type of taxi coverage monthly taxi insurance or an annual policy for example. However, comparing quotes from different insurance providers can be a great way to know the insurer whose offerings align with your needs. 

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