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Guide to Legal & General Landlord Insurance

Legal And General Landlord insurance is an insurance policy to cover a property owner from potential financial losses related to their property. It covers the building structure, It is also referred to as buy-to-let insurance.

Types of Landlord Insurance

Building Cover

This is the most basic type of insurance available with all providers of landlord insurance. This will cover your building's structure expenditure and rebuild costs, aside from the actual property it often includes outbuildings and external walls and fencing.

Contents Cover

This optional element will cover the loss and damage to furniture and other property items. It will include all legal costs for the items inside the building when the worst happens.

Liability Cover

The Landlord liability insurance optional element cover helps you with legal costs. When someone files legal claims against you, you can ask for assistance via this clever to cover the cost of litigation.

Home Emergency Cover

As the name Home emergency cover suggests, you can avail of this cover in an emergency example gas leakage, burst pipe or other home emergencies. 

What does L&G landlord insurance cover in the UK?

This cover provides you protection for your rental property. There could be a number of reasons why a property might get damaged. This includes natural causes, acts of vandalism, theft, etc. Fortunately, Legal & General Landlord Insurance provides cover in all of these scenarios. 

A cover of £5,000 is available for the costs related to tracing water or oil leaks inside the home. This is, again, a very common problem that you might face as a landlord. Coming to the contents, the insurance also covers accidental damage to the property items by your tenants. From a £1,000 cover for common parts to a cover of £750 for replacing locks, there is a lot that you can benefit from

Legal & General extra cover options:

You can always add additional covers to make a comprehensive package to meet with your specific landlord requirements. The follow extra elements are available with Legal & General

  • Accidental damage cover to protect you having to pay out for household accidents that require fixing.
  • Legal expenses cover: covering personal expenses for disputes that could end up in the courtroom.
  • Keys cover: to help you replace keys and locks in your house in case of theft or loss.
  • Rent cover: If the qualifying conditions are met, this will pay replacement rent money to the landlord for a fixed period of time, to enable the property to be restored to a state that it can be let out again.

What legal and General Landlord Insurance Does Not Cover?

Like other forms of insurance, limits apply to the cover provided. Examples, wear and tear is never included in any insurance policy. More specific to property, the following examples of some claims that would not be covered under a standard policy.

  • Maintenance expenses: Example, If the dishwasher breaks down, you will have to pay for it repair yourself. Similarly, if the boiler breaks down, the insurance company will not pay for repair costs.
  • Tenant's belongings: This cover does not extend cover to the possessions example tenant's electronics, clothes, etc. The tenants need to take out a separate policy aimed at proving cover for those that are renting out property or living in a shared house.
  • If the insured event is reported 45 days after its occurrence.
  • If the rental property is being used for any illegal purpose, no coverage will be provided.

Compare Landlord Insurance providers

If you are in the market for landlord insurance for one property or after multi property landlord insurance, finding the best deal will involve comparing the available deals on the market. It is important to also compare come renewal time, as some suppliers offer special deals to attract new customers. Some providers on your list should include Tesco landlord insurance, Aro, Legal and General Landlord cover and Modus Landlord insurance. Home insurance providers include Post office home insurance and John Lewis.

Legal & General Landlord Insurance provides an excellent cover to protect your rental property against potential risks, including damage, litigation, and loss of contents. The insurance assures you financial assistance when managing claims and repairing your property. If you want to compare landlord insuranceselect Get Quotes below.

Landlord Insurance FAQs

Does the landlord's insurance policy cover the tenant's property?

Tenant's local belongings, like clothes, etc., are not covered general landlord insurance policy.

Is there any limit to the buildings cover provided by Legal & General?

Most building insurance polices will be limited to the agreed rebuild cost, as such it is important that the amount is correct. Too high and you will be paying extra for cover you do not need, and too little you will have to contribute to the rebuilding costs out of your own pocket. A fresh approach has been taken by John lewis landlord insurance, who offer unlimited buildings cover.    

MultiQuoteTime Ltd Does not recommend any insurance companies. It is important that the property owner satisfies themselves that they are getting the cover they need for their own personal circumstances – undervaluation may affect the settlement in the event of claims.

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