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Guide To Mercedes Minibus  & Van Insurance

The Mercedes-Benz brand was founded in 1926 by merging two companies. Benz & Cie and Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft merged to create Daimler-Benz AG, known as Mercedes-Benz today. This brand is an automotive industry known for its advanced engineering, luxurious interiors, and safety features. Mercedes-Benz has a long history of innovation. Some of its inventions include heavy trucks, SUVs, Sprinter vans, etc. 

The Mercedes minibus or Vito tourer is a popular choice not only those seeking a family minibus, but within the people carrier hire and reward sector, examples of The Mercedes Vito are found on most self hire fleets and airport taxi fleets

Mercedes Sprinter Insurance Groups

Factors such as the size of engines, cost of vehicle parts, build quality, and repair cost influence the van insurance grouping of Mercedes Sprinter vans. Mercedes Sprinter van model and the insurance group it falls into:

  • Mercedes Cito Van: Vans registered before January 2016 fall into the insurance groups 5-7. However, vans registered from 2016 onwards fall into the insurance groups 27-31.
  • Mercedes Sprinter Van: Vans registered before January 2016 fall into the 5-18 insurance groups, while vans registered from 2016 onwards fall into groups 27-48 of the insurance groups.
  • Mercedes Vito Van: For these, vans registered pre-January 2016 fall into the groups 5-16 insurance groups. However, vans registered in 2016 onwards fall into groups 27-44.

Mercedes Sprinter van

Vans registered pre January 2016 the Trafic falls into groups (2 - 7), later models with registration date after 2016 are in groups 25-47.

Mercedes Sprinter Popular Van Models Include:

  • Sprinter Cargo Van: This model offers maximum space for goods. It comes in different roof heights and wheelbase lengths to suit various cargo needs. Sprinter Vans are primarily designed for commercial use, transporting goods to different locations. Businesses and industries mostly use them for delivery.
  • Sprinter Crew Van: The Sprinter Crew Van combines passenger seating with cargo space. It is a good choice for transporting both passengers and cargo simultaneously. Film production teams or construction crews mostly use this model.
  • Sprinter Cab Chassis: This model presents a cab and chassis configuration that allows for customisation. It features an open cargo area behind the cab with a variety of truck bed attachments or special equipment. Due to its features, this model is popular for businesses with specific cargo transportation needs.
  • Sprinter Passenger Van: This van is designed to comfortably transport people to their destinations. It has multiple seating configurations and features that enable comfortable and smooth transportation.

Finding cheap Mercedes minibus insurance

The Insurance cost for your Mercedes minibus is based on the risk that you pose to the insurance company.  Insurance companies calculate risk based on a range of factors. Below, we have highlighted some of these and the steps that you can take to help lower your risk profile. The aim is to ultimately lower your risk profile and thus the final cost of your school Mercedes minibus insurance.

  • Security : All new Mercedes minibuses are fitted with immobilisers. Consider going a step further and adding a tracking device that is approved by the insurance industry. In addition, consider agreeing to park in your driveway when the minibus is not in use. All steps at improving security will help lower the cost of insurance.
  • Low Mileage : If you only use your minibus infrequently then it may be more economical to pursue a policy based on mileage also known as pay as you go insurance. Alternatively, consider temporary minibus insurance which will provide cover for a fixed period of time, normally 1 to 6 months,
  • Drive Safely : Installing a black box that records the behaviour of the driver or the telematics devices can prove to a perspective underwriter that you or your employees are safe and careful drivers, which in turn can lead to lower annual or monthly premiums in future months.
  • Review Cover on an Annual Basis : Take time out as renewal time approaches to compare minibus insurance providers, look for offers or special discounts on offer. Make sure you are not paying for cover that you do not need or can take out cheaper elsewhere. Breakdown cover and windscreen cover are two items that fall into this category.
  • More than one Minibus? : If you are running a minibus hire or minibus taxi service with more than one minibus, taking out a minibus fleet insurance policy may save you money, in addition most provider swill offer discounts as you add more minibuses to the school fleet. 
  • Named Drivers : If possible, keep your policy to named drivers only.
  • Voluntary Excess : Increase the minibus excess, taking more responsibility, should help lower your annual premiums.

The higher the van is placed in a particular group, the higher the cost of insurance. The group allocation is managed by a governing panel that includes the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and Lloyds Market Association (LMA)

Did you know?  Minibuses registered after 2016 fall into insurance groups 21 to 50, group 21 is the cheapest and 50 is the most expensive.

What is the insurance category for Mercedes Vitio Tourer?

The Mercedes minibuses models manufactured after 2016 onwards can fall into groupos 27–44.

  • Price of replacement parts
  • Average accident damage repair costs.
  • Security features 
  • Engine size and van body size

Did you know?  You must inform your broker of any modifications you make to your Minibus, however basic!

Is insurance available for my converted Mercedes Sprinter campervan?

Your standard van insurance might only cover some of the unique features in your converted campervan, such as beds and cabinets or your belongings. For complete protection, you'll need recreational vehicle (RV) insurance. Look for a Class B motorhome policy, which usually covers the conversion of your belongings, exterior damage, accidents while driving, and theft. Be sure to carefully check the coverage details of each policy, as they may differ. Also, inform your insurance provider about every modification you've made to your camper.

How much does it cost to insure a Mercedes Sprinter van each year?

The cost of most significant inter-van insurance is affected by its intended use. Personal use incurs the lowest premium, ranging from £550 to £800 per year. Business use requires a higher premium due to commercial risk, while courier and delivery services (hired for reward) attract the highest premiums due to the greatest level of risk associated with this type of operation.

Who Provides Minibus Insurance?

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