Minibus Insurance Quote Comparison 9 - 17 Seater Min Buses

Minibus Insurance Quote Comparison

Minibus Insurance for any driver, Size 7 - 17 seats, One short form – save time & money

Cheap minibus insurance UK, 2021

The first step in researching the cost of minibus insurance is to get multiple quotes from a range of insurance brokers. Compare Minibus Insurance works in partnership with QuoteSearcher who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers.

To get multiple quotes, select start your quote button above and provide basic information to a panel of UK brokers. The panel will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with a range of insurance minibus quotes based on your individual requirements.

minibus insurance
  • Minibus insurance age 21 - 75
  • Cover on an ‘any driver’ basis
  • Cover for any mileage required
  • Quotes from leading insurers
  • Private hire & Personal use
  • School, Nursing Home, Sports...

What is Minibus Insurance?

  • Minivan cover is a specific cover aimed at vehicles that carry passengers, normally 8 or more. One common mistake that happens is that you end up with van cover. As the panel deals exclusively with minibus cover, you will be reassured that the quotes you receive will be suitable for your vehicle category and purpose.
  • Taking out cover to protect yourself and your passengers is a legal requirement. Take your time and get expert help if needed on finding the correct level of cover, without being over insured or under insured.
  • Remember, it is a legal requirement as well as your social responsibility to have the minimum of third party cover.

Do I need specific minibus insurance

Failure to have the correct level of insurance can result in penalty points or vehicle confiscation:

  • Licence revoked and if driving FOR less than 2 years, then you will be required to retake your driving test.
  • Your vehicle may be confiscated.
  • Remember the court has the final say and it may be severe.

Minibus Safety Tips

  • Check coolant and brake fluid levels.
  • Windscreen and washer fluid check.
  • Check tyre pressure and thread depth.
  • Check all external lights.
  • Windscreen and washer fluid check.
  • Check oil level. 

What type of licence do I need to legally drive a minibus?

Please refer to the government's guide to driving a minibus for answers to questions on licence and other requirements for being legally able to drive a minibus.

Driving licence held after 1st January 1997.

D1 Category should not be shown on a licence dated after the first of Jan 1997 and as a result the holder is not able to drive a minibus without undergoing additional training and passing an additional driving test geared toward minibus driving. An exception does exist for holders of a full category B (car) driving licence, which upon meeting a set of conditions detailed below will entitle the holder to drive a vehicle that has a maximum of 16 passenger seats.

Driving licence held before 1st January 1997.

If you passed your car driving test before 1 January 1997, you automatically gained a licence with Category B and D1 entitlement, or Groups A and B on older licences, qualifying you to drive minibuses as well as private cars

Examples of minibus use


Do you need to purchase school minibus insurance or is it time for the renewal of your existing policy? We work in partnership with QuoteSearcher who forward your details onto specialist insurance brokers. Simply select the Start your QUOTE option above and complete one easy form. Once completed, your details will be passed to a selected panel of brokers, who in turn will call you back with quotes.


Run or manage a charity and need to reduce the costs of your charity mini bus cover? We can help by providing you with tips on to reduce your insurance premium.  Complete one easy form to receive quotes from a panel of leading UK brokers. These brokers deal exclusively  in providing minibus charity insurance for charitable organisations.


Enter your requirements for private or personal MPV insurance and receive a range of qualified quotes from an established panel of UK brokers. 

Nursing Home

Nursing home minibus insurance is available from the panel of  UK brokers

Sports / Clubs

Sport club minibus insurance is available for any type of sporting club. Select Get Quotes and complete the quote form. The panel will reach out and  provide you with a selection of comparative quotes based on  your requirements.

Personal use 9 Seaters

Do you need multiple quotes for a 9 seater minibus insurance? If the answer is yes select the Start you quote  option below to receive a selection of quotes from UK brokers. If you are driving a minibus that can seat 9 or more passengers  make sure to keep your CPC training update. For details read our expert article on what is CPC training and who requires a CPC certificate to dive legally in the UK. 

What is the average cost of minibus insurance?

The cost of  minibus insurance will vary based on factors that include the size and intended use of the minibus. The age of the minivan will also play an important role, with research showing that premiums fall as the price depreciates.  After five year a minibus can depreciate by as much as 60% percent. 

Minibus Rental Excess Cover 10-15 seats

Are you thinking of hiring a minibus for a family holiday or a group outing? Like car rental, minibus rental comes with a large excess amount. This is the amount that you will be held liable for if the minibus is damaged. The good news is that now you can purchase minibus hire excess insurance to cover any claim that the rental company makes against your excess. 

Can I use my minibus for hire and reward

In general, minibuses are used for hire and reward and should be insured for that purpose. The type of hire is also important if you provide a taxi service in that your vehicle can be flagged down hen you will need taxi insurance. If the hire service must be prebooked and can not be hailed from the roadside then you will need private hire minibus insurance. 

How to lower the minibus insurance premium

Below we have highlighted some factors used by underwriters in arriving at your premium and by the same token some steps that can be taken to lower your premium. A sure way to bring down the likelihood of accidents and as a result your insurance is to take or send your drivers on an approved minibus driver compliance course.

  • Drivers 25 or under will pay extra as this age group make more claims and the actual claim amount in monetary terms are larger than if over 25. The underwriter adjusts the quotes for under 25's to reflect the increased risk
  • The cost to repair a utility vehicle does vary with some being more expensive than others depending on the manufacturer. This along with the purchase cost play a factor in determining your risk level. The more expensive your vehicle category is to replace or fix the higher the premium. Spend time reviewing what different manufactures have to offer to find the best vehicle for your requirements.
  • The more seats the more expensive insurance will be. With this knowledge if you are sure you will only ever need 9 seats then buy a people carrier with only 9 seats.
  • Security: Can you provide secure overnight parking? Have you fitted industry approved alarm systems? If the answer is yes then inform your broker as this should be reflected positively in your quote.
  • The driver's history: A good history of no claims will normally lead to a discounted quote.
  • Excess Amount: Talk to your broker about increasing the insurance excess amount. Accepting a higher excess is normally rewarded with a discounted annual premium.
  • Avoid modifications: Making modifications can result in higher premiums. If you do make changes, you must inform your broker in advance. The broker can give you advice to ensure any modifications comply with UK law and any small print in your existing policy.

Minibus breakdown cover can be included into a standard minibus insurance policy or bought as a separate product. Compare prices to find the best deal for both of these products. Taking out breakdown cover can at times work out cheaper than including it within your standard insurance policy.

Typical minibus insurance exclusions

  • If the vehicle is damaged or stolen by a careless act of the owner. Example leaving keys in ignition or visible to prying eyes
  • Damage caused by a driver that is not listed on the policy documents
  • Using the minibus for purposes other than included in the insurance
  • Losing the keys. Paying for replacement keys can be very expensive, key care polices are available to cover such an eventuality.

Minibus FAQ's

What vehicle categories can be insured under the minibus insurance policy?

Minibus insurance is available for minivans that seat 9 - 17 passengers and MPV's with 6 to 8 Seats

Can I have more than one driver on my policy?

Yes is the answer, you can either add named drivers or select any driver, in so doing the price of your insurance may increase as a result.

Minibus insurance For multi Purposes

No limit is placed on minibus usage, the more common requests include the following: 

  • Social, domestic and pleasure.
  • Commercial 
  • Schools 
  • Charity and voluntary groups
  • Scout Groups
  • Public Hire - can be flagged down
  • Private hire or minicab insurance
  • Residential or care home

What types of school minibuses can cover be provided for?

  • Primary schools
  • Independent schools
  • Private and secondary schools
  • Further education establishments

What type of licence do I need?

Please read the full details of the licence required to drive a minibus legally in the UK

Are discounts available for minibuses used for charitable purposes? 

Most brokers will provide discounts for minibuses that are used for charity.

What is the legal minimum cover required

The driver must have a minimum of third party cover which pays out to third parties should the driver be responsible for the driving incident. As well as being a legal requirement it is worth noting that it is also your social responsibility. 

Is cover available for private minibus use only?

Yes, for private minibus insurance click here 

What types of cover is available?

Cover ranges from fully comprehensive to third party, which is the legal minimum. All policies can be tailored to the customers individual needs, with extras added or omitted as deemed necessary by you. 

Always compare Insurance providers at renewal time

The first step in researching the cost of vehicle cover is to get multiple quotes from a range of UK brokers. MultiQuoteTime works in partnership with QuoteSearcher, who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. These brokers will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with quotes on your minibus cover.

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