9 Seater Minibus Insurance

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Comapre 9 Seater Minibus Insurance

The 9 seater minibus insurance is for the owner of a vehicle made to haul a large family around or as a taxi service. These are larger than the average vehicle so an experienced driver should be operating it that can be proven to the insurance agent. This will reduce the possible risk factors of insuring this large vehicle and be reduced along with the cost of the premium.

What is required by law for a private use 9 seater minibus insurance?

The minimum requirement by UK law for a 9 seater minibus insurance to cover road risk for private use is commercial Third Party Only cover. The other 2 options which are above the minimum requirement are Third Party Fire and Theft along with Comprehensives both for a commercial vehicle.

What is required by law for a 9 seater minibus insurance if the van is used as a taxi vehicle?

The same minimum road risk taxi insurance for a 9 seater minibus is the same as the private use minibus is Commercial Third Party Only cover. Because the vehicle will be used to transport a third party for profit the UK government also requires Carriage of Persons for Hire or Reward cover.

Just like the private use 9 seater minibus cover other options for road risk does include Third Party Fire and Theft along with Comprehensive cover both for a commercial vehicle.

Are there any add-on covers for the 9 seater minibus?

The most common add-on cover for a minibus that will be used as a taxi vehicle is Legal cover. This will cover the cost of any legal fees if there are any events or disagreements involved in operating the taxi service.

Public Liability cover to your standard minibus insurance is another add-on that should be considered. This is recommended just in case a third party makes a claim of being injured while in your vehicle. The legal costs along with any settlement will be covered.

Breakdown cover is suggested for both private use and taxi 9 seater minibus vehicles. This will make it possible to have roadside assistance when the minibus breaks down on the highway. The varying levels of cover include;

  • Standard cover which will tow the vehicle to a garage within 10 miles of the breakdown if repairs on the side of the road are unsuccessful.
  • Nationwide cover makes it possible to have the vehicles towed to the destination of choice of the driver as long as that destination is in the UK.
  • European cover provides roadside assistance on the continent.

What should be remembered is that most breakdown insurance policies only provide transportation of up to 8 people from the site of the breakdown to the garage. There is onward cover which provides transportation of up to 8 people to their final destination. If the minivan is full of 9 people, one person will not be transported.

What is the legal requirement to operate the 9 seater minibus?

In the past drivers that possessed a category B operator’s license could drive a 6 to 16 passenger minibus. That ended in 1997 and all new operators from that point forward must obtain a category D license. For those operators that will be operating a taxi service, they must also hold the hire or reward exclusion on their license.

Category B license holders can operate the 9 seater minibus if all the passenger seats are empty.

Because of the vehicles size the 9 seater minibus insurance policy, the minibus is classified as a commercial vehicle. The overall weight of the vehicle can’t exceed 3.5 tonnes. Remember to store the unit when not in use in a locked facility with proper security to help lower the costs of the premium.

9 Seater Minibus Insurance