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9 Seater Minibus Insurance Guide

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Jan 2024

The 9 seater minibus option is a popular choice with larger families, clubs and airport taxi services.  The appeal of the 9 seater lies with its versatility and comfort without the need for a special driving licence. MultiQuoteTime works in partnership with QuoteZone who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers.

9 seater minibus insurance

Start comparing 9 minibus insurance costs by selecting the GET A QUOTE button above and provide basic information to a panel of UK brokers. The panel will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with a range of minibus insurance quotes based on your cover requirements.

Popular Minivans With 9 Seats Include:

Because of its popularity, most manufactures now offer a 9 seater version, the list below just highlight some of the more popular brands in this passenger van category.

  • Renault Trafic 9 Seater Passenger van.
  • Vauxhall Vivaro Life
  • Mercedes Vito 9 seater minibus
  • Citroen SpaceTourer
  • Peugeot Traveller.

9 Seater Minibus Legal Insurance Requirements

Similar to car insurance, the minimum level of cover required is third party cover. The other 2 options which are above the minimum requirement are Third Party Fire and Theft followed by comprehensives insurance

What does ‘class of use’ mean when completing the quote form for a 9 seater mini bus?

"Class of use" in insurance informs the insurance company how you intend to use your minibus. Example, for social, domestic and pleasure, or business purposes. Most minibuses are used as part of a business, examples include tour operators, care homes, school minibus transportation, nursing homes and retirement village transport. The 9 seater is also a favourite with large families.

It is important to answer the question correctly to avoid potential policy invalidation. If the chosen policy doesn't align with the actual use and there's a discrepancy, for example, claiming personal use while using the minibus for transporting passengers. If you intend to change the usage, it is also important to speak with your insurance provider first to make sure your cover will extend, or you may need to extend the cover to suit the new purpose or use.

Insurance providers on the panel are flexible and can tailor your minibus insurance to accommodate various usage scenarios. Examples of different uses may include:

9 Seater Minibus Being Used As A Taxi

Apart from private use, the next biggest demand for the 9 seater passenger van is within the transport or taxi sector. If your intention is to use your 9 seater to provide a private hire or a taxi service, then you need specialist hire and reward insurance, which will provide the necessary legally required cover.

Are There Any Add-on Covers For the 9 Seater Minibus?

The most common add-on cover for a minibus that will be used as a taxi vehicle is Legal cover. This will cover the cost of any legal fees if there are any events or disagreements involved in operating the taxi service.

Public Liability cover to your standard minibus insurance is another add-on that should be considered. This is recommended just in case a third party makes a claim of being injured while in your vehicle. The legal costs along with any settlement will be covered.

Breakdown cover is suggested for both private use and taxi 9 seater minibus vehicles. This will make it possible to have roadside assistance when the minibus breaks down on the highway. The varying levels of cover include;

  • Standard cover, which will tow the vehicle to a garage within 10 miles of the breakdown if repairs on the side of the road are unsuccessful.
  • Nationwide cover makes it possible to have the vehicles towed to the destination of choice of the driver as long as that destination is in the UK.
  • European cover provides roadside assistance on the continent.

How Much Dose 9 Seater Minibus Insurance Cost?

Put simply, the cost is primarily based on the level of the risk perceived by the insurance provider, more risk more expensive less risk less expensive. The good news is that some steps can be taken to lower your risk and get a cheaper quote for commercial minibus insurance or private use only cover.

  • Minibus Security :  Adding additional security to prevent heft and also help with tracking the minus should it e stolen will help reduce the insurance costs.
  • Minibus Labour and Parts Cost : This ties into the insurance category, the more expensive luxury brands will attract higher premiums as they just cost more to fix should the hey be involved in an accident.
  • Minibus Excess : Some insurance providers will allow you to increase the voluntary excess in return for a lower insurance quote
  • Named Drivers : Whilst an any driver van or minibus policy will give you more flexibility it comes at increased costs, if you can limit your policy to named drivers preferably over 25 or over 30 then you will be rewarded with more affordable minibus insurance cover quotations.
  • Clean Licence : If you are a commercial outfit, check the driving history of any perspective employees, drivers with convictions or poor claims history will only increase the cost of a minibus fleet insurance policy. 
  • Pay Upfront : Paying for minibus insurance upfront in one lump sum is normally more cost-effective than making monthly instalments.
  • Avoid Modifications :  making modifications can increase the cost of insurance, it is always advisable to check with your insurance company before making any modification, including making your minibus wheelchair friendly.
  • Compare Again Come Renewal Time : Avoid auto-renewal as this is a time when you could possibly find a cheaper quote, In the past insurance companies kept their best deals for new customer, but that was made illegal in 2022. That aside, it still makes sense to us this opportunity to search for a better deal,

How Do I Get quotes?

Click the GET A QUOTE button below to receive a range of quotes that are tailored to your specific 9 seater minibus insurance needs. Multiple quotes from a UK panel of brokers will let you compare the currently available options in today's marketplace quickly.

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9 Seater Minibus Insurance FAQs

Is a 9 seater classed as a minibus

A minibus is generally classed as a  vehicle that car seat between 7 and 16 passengers. Anything above that seating capacity is classed as a coach and needs a different type of insurance. Under this definition, a 9 seater car will fall under the minibus umbrella and require special 9 seater car or minibus insurance.

Can I drive a 9 seater minibus on a car licence

If the minibus has 8 seats, 9 if you include the driver, then the vehicle can be driven by the holder of a category B driving licence.

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