Are you in the market for a second hand minibus?

Buying a second hand minibus can be tricky. Similar to a taxi, most minibuses have not been parked idle in a driveway with the occasional outing to the local supermarket, Instead they out on the road transporting people from home to school and back or clocking up big mileage on group outings. With this in mind, it pays to be vigilant when on the lookout for a second hand minibus. We have complied some key indicators to check and be aware of below.

Minibuses come in all shapes and sizes, have you decided on the size required or more important the maximum number of passenger that you will carry. Deciding on this will help narrow down the search, keep in mind that buying a minibus with more seats than required will result in you paying a higher minibus insurance premium as brokers take number the number of seats into the premium calculation. For example 9 seater minibus insurance is higher than 7 or 8 seater minivans.

The number of minibuses continually increase on the British roads, and with good reason. These vehicles are multi-purpose and provide affordable transportation with loads of space. Check out other great reasons to buy a minibus if you need that extra push.

Typical things to look out for

First Impressions :

Like most things, first impression count and keep these in mind during the decision-making process. Do you have a friend that is mechanically savvy, if so bring him or her along as what looks good on the surface can have serious defaults hiding from sight. This may be impractical, but we would still advise when you think that you have found a family minibus, get a mechanic to check it out. The mechanic will be able to carry out a comprehensive all round check of both body work and the mechanical parts.

Car park Meet up

The seller has asked to meet in a car park, ask yourself why ? Has the vehicle been stolen? Insist on going to the owner's home to inspect the vehicle

Does it sound just too cheap?

Cheap normally equates to a bargain, but can also be you pay for what you get. Be aware the owner may be trying to offload a minibus that is a waiting disaster that will need constant attention and money spent to keep it up and running. 

Fresh Paint job

Paint can cover up underlying bodywork damage, ask yourself and the owner why was it painted.

After you check out the basics, take the minibus for a spin on different road surfaces and include some motorway driving in your test drive. Always drive safely and following these minibus driving tips, if you are new to the world of minibuses   

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