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What is Classed as Charity Minibus Insurance?

This sector includes the Voluntary Sector, any Non Profit organisation, Local Housing Associations, Local Community Groups and Social Enterprises.  Compare minibus Insurance works in partnership with QuoteZone who can help you by providing multiple charity minibus insurance quotes from a panel of select UK brokers. The panel will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with a range of insurance minibus quotes based on your individual requirements. Getting multiple quotes enables you to compare what discounts are currently available on broker marketplace. 

Charity Vehicle Fleet Insurance

Most charitable organisations have more than one vehicle in their fleet. If you have 2 or more minibuses or other work related vehicles, fleet insurance may be the best option. Minibus fleet insurance will allow you to add all your vehicles under one policy, which will make administration a little easier. The panel can offer both fleet minibus and standard single minibus charity insurance. Options will be made available after you select the start quote option.

Supporting Safe Minibus Driving

  • Hold a valid licence that permits one to drive a minibus.
  • The driver must be at least 21.
  • The driver must have the correct insurance for the driving task.
  • If not the owner ensure that you get permission to drive from the owner of the minibus.
  • Check the minibus is taxed and holds a valid MOT certificate. For extra safety perform a regular roadside safety check. This is especially true if the minibus is driven by other drivers.

Does your charity qualify for a discount?

Did you know?  Organisations that provide transport on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis can apply for permits under Section 19 or Section 22 of the Transport Act 1985. These permits allow the holder to operate transport services for hire or reward without the need for a full public service vehicle operator’s (PSV ‘O’) licence

If you are using the mini bus for a charitable use, such as the local church community, we will help you find the best value people carrier insurance policy that will meet your requirements with any discounts applicable to this sector of insurance. By getting  multiple quotes, you can compare the available options and start on the path of finding a minivan insurance policy for your needs. Your insurance requirement details will be passed to a panel of UK brokers that specialise in this niche insurance sector. 

More information is available from the charitable commission official website 

How Does it Work?

Understanding that your insurance falls within a specialist category enables the panel to provide you with comprehensive quotes for your minibus insurance premium, new or renewal. Because they understand the process, they will provide competitive quotes, leaving the final decision with you.

Types of Cover Available

Starting from the premise that having a good insurance policy in place is absolutely essential for the owner of a mini bus. To drive legally on the UK roads, the vehicle must have a minimum of third-party cover.

Remember, it is not only a legal requirement to have at least third-party cover, it is your social responsibility. 

Road Risk Cover

  • Third party
  • Third party with fire and theft
  • Fully Comprehensive

Additional Extras

Some additional type of cover you can have included in a policy include:

  • Complementary replacement vehicle if the accident is deemed the responsibility of a third party.
  • Breakdown Assistance can be added as an extra.
  • Cover for driving in Europe can be added as an add on to your policy.
  • Windscreen repair and replacement.
  • Policies for any drivers between age 21 and 70.
  • Any driver, which will work out more expensive that keeping it to named drivers only.

Do consider other options before adding some extra's

Normally, adding extras directly into your vehicle policy works out best in terms of costs savings. However, some elements can be cheaper to keep outside your policy. This will depend to some extent on your negotiating skills or fleet size and your individual requirements. Take windscreen cover, if you only drive locally, then dealing direct with a local windscreen replacement service may be a better option for you than just lumping it into your existing cover package.   

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