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Minibus breakdown cover is similar to car breakdown cover and is available in a range of levels. The basic level is simple roadside assistance, more comprehensive cover will also include onward journey cover. If your minibus is critical to your business, then choosing the more comprehensive level will make sense. If you only use your van occasionally,  you may be happy with simple roadside assistance. We have broken down the different options available below. Breakdown cover can also be included as part of your minibus insurance policy, but can be more expensive. 

  • Roadside assistance: This is a popular choice if you work and travel in your local area. If you do break down, you can call out a recovery vehicle. If it is an easy fix, the mechanic will fix it on the roadside. Failing that, they will normally tow to the nearest garage or back to your home or place of business. Each policy may be different, so check the policy details for exact conditions of cover. Some policies for example will include the cost of spare parts.
  • National coverage: This provides roadside assistance and in addition includes getting your minibus to any destination in the UK. This cover is suitable if your business takes you away from your local area on a regular basis.
  • European breakdown cover: This extends you cover to include breakdown recover in Europe. Whilst it is called European cover, some brokers may exclude some countries. As such, it is important to make sure you understand if any limitations exist on the actual European countries.
  • Homestart: This cover provides a service if your minibus will not start and you are at home or close to your home. The standard cover will deploy a recovery vehicle with a quarter mile radius of your home address.
  • Onward journey: This is the highest level and will make sure that you can continue on your journey. Some policies will also include accommodation for 1 or 2 nights if you wish to wait for the repair, or they will provide you will an alternative minibus to continue your journey.

QDOS Breakdown minibus insurance options

QDOS breakdown cover

QDOS policies currently start ( Jan 2020 )from Prices from £18.29 per year 
QDOS offer a range of covers starting from basic roadside assist and local recovery. The quote engine will let you then add additional extras. These currently include Home Start,National Recovery and onward journey QDOS provide cover 365 days a year 24 hours a day

Minibus breakdown policy limitations

All policies come with exclusions or limitations. For example, the number of callouts in a specified time period. Most policies will help with simple things such as wheel changes or windscreen damage. The onus is on you to check these and make sure they meet with your business or personal requirements.

If your minibus does have a breakdown, follow these steps

  • Make sure your vehicle is in a safe position, off the road and in full sight of traffic from both directions.
  • Highlight the danger to traffic by use of warning triangles and hazard lights and side lights. If you do not have these, you can use a light branches from a bush or tree to alert the drivers' attention to hazard ahead
  • Exit the vehicle slowly and if possible via the passenger door to minimise and possible accident with oncoming traffic. Make sure all passengers are a safe distance away from the vehicle and traffic, behind the safety barrier or on high ground.
  • After taking the above precautions, contact emergency services o r your call your breakdown assistance emergency number and advise them of your location.

What happens if you have no minibus breakdown cover

Without breakdown cover, it will be your responsibility to call the local garage and arrange for them to come out and getting you back on the road if it is an easy fix. If not, you will then have or pay extra for towing to a garage or rent a minibus if it is urgent to continue your journey.

Compare minibus breakdown cover

Breakdown insurance can be included in your standard minibus insurance policy. However, it may work out cheaper to exclude it and go direct to companies that focus on providing roadside assistance. There are many specialist companies like QDOS, The AA and Green Flag. Spend some time to check out what they to offer before deciding on your final policy provider. Most will also offer a multi breakdown policy so that you can include the family car or van or bike all within one easy to manage policy. 

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