Minibus compliance course

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Completing a minibus compliance course should lead to lower minibus insurance costs come renewal time. To help the public in operating a minibus correctly and legally, there are minibus compliance courses. The newest one is the Castle Driver Training Minibus Compliance Course, which started in September 2018. This is an ISBA, RAC and RoSPA approved course that is designed to help schools and non-profit organisation in operating their minibuses legally and safely.

What does the course include?

There are 2 parts to this driver training course. The first part involves the classroom study that is broken down into 4 sections. The second is an on site assessment of your facility. It may also help to do some online training before embarking on the course by checking out minibus safe driving videos.

Part One the classroom

First section

This is about the legal aspect of operating a minibus on UK roadways. This includes just who can operate the minibus and what must be held by the driver. In legal terms, this means the permits and licences required by the UK Government.

Second section

It involves the minibus itself, which includes the required safety inspection and their frequency. This includes the daily inspection required before anyone boards the minibus and the weekly checks. Both are done to ensure the vehicle is safe to operate and transport people.

Also discusses how operating a minibus is different from other types of vehicles.

Third section

Both the driver's and school's responsibilities in operating the minibus are covered. This will make it clear who is liable for what. Also examined are the penalties if one or more areas are not in compliance with the UK governmental regulations.  

Fourth section

The planning and taking of trips is discussed. This includes the actual way to plot out the course and what emergency protocols should be applied to the trip.  

Part Two on-site assessment

After the first part is completed, a qualified driving instructor from Castle will go to your facility and inspect safety aspects of your transportation system. This assessment will last on average ½ a day.

This type of minibus compliance course offered by Castle is not required by law, but has real life advantages.

Every organisation is required to be in full compliance with the laws and regulation set by the UK Government. By taking this course, you can prevent the suspension of minibus operations at your facility because of non-compliance issues. It will also help to prevent fines from being placed on your facility for being in non-compliance.

With the completion of this course, many insurance companies will also offer a discount on your minibus insurance. After making savings on insurance, you can look at the article on lowering minibus fuel consumption to make extra savings. 

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