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Compare MPV Insurance

Do you need insurance quotes for your MPV used for personal use or for hire and reward?  Multiquotetime works in partnership with QuoteZone who can provide quotes from a select panel of UK insurance brokers. Your requirements will be shared with a panel of UK specialist brokers dealing in providing cover for 7,8 and 9 seater minivans. Taking out insurance is both a legal requirement and your social responsibility, 3rd party level is the minimum by law.

Do I need MPV insurance?

If you are the driver of an MPV you need the correct type of insurance. If your MPV has less than 9 seats, then a standard car policy should provide the cover required. For 9 seats and above you will need minibus insurance which is specific to minibuses,

Does the number of seats Increase the MPV Insurance Cost?

A quote for a 9 seater MPV vehicle will be more expensive than an  MPV that seats 7 or 8. Underwriters will take into account the number of seats, more equates to a higher liability to them and thus a higher premium for you. With this inside information, it can make sense to buy a 6 seater over an 7 seater if you will only have a maximum of 6 passengers.

Policy Features & Extras

  • Cover for driving in Europe, if this is applicable
  • Legal expenses, this has become more popular as legal fees have increased.
  • Breakdown cover
  • Any diver policy available
  • Transfer your no claims history to receive a discounted on your premium

Do you drive an MPV as part of your business? There are different sectors that rely on MPV transport to keep their businesses moving. From construction companies to cleaning companies, the proper insurance is vital if you rely on your MPV to drive your business forward.

Finding the right insurance can be time-consuming and sometimes stressful with the different factors to consider. Insurance for an MPV can be costly as they are large and expensive vehicles. The more passengers that they carry, then the greater the risks involved. The first step you can take towards keeping these costs down is to compare your options across multiple brokers.

Typical Exclusion that may apply are as follows:

  • As in any policy, if you leave the keys in the ignition or somewhere visible you will waive your insurance protection
  • Using your MPV for other purposes other than included in the insurance
  • Lost keys. A separate key protection policy can provide cover for house, car and other keys that are costly to replace 

What type of people carriers is cover available for?

The simple answer is the QuoteZone panel can provide comparative quotes for all minivan categories, including the traditional 7 seater models such as Ford Galaxy, Grand Picasso, Ford S Max, SEAT Alhambra, full-size Ford Galaxy, Kia Carens, Volkswagen Touran, BMW 2 Series Active Tourer  and  the Fiat 500L MPW. The fiat is also referred to as a  multi-purpose wagon or a magic purpose wagon

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