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Compare cheap quotes from NI Minibus Insurance providers including

Minibus Insurance Northern Ireland

Do you own a minibus in Northern Ireland that is used for private, business or indeed within a charitable organisation? If the answer is yes then when it comes time to find minibus insurance it helps to compare the insurance options currently available in the marketplace. The best way is to visit comparative sites that are able to provide multiple quotes after completing a simple enquiry form. The length of time to complete can be just a few minutes if you have all the minivan documentation available.

Working in partnerships with QuoteZone Multiquotetime can provide you with a range of quotes from a select panel of UK brokers. The panel will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with a range of insurance minibus quotes based on your individual requirements.

Some ways to Reduce the cost of minibus Insurance

  • Security : Providing additional security that is approved by the insurance industry should bring down dividends in the form of lower annual or monthly premiums for your minibus cover.
  • Low Millage : If you only use your minibus infrequently then it may be more economical to pursue a policy based on millage also known as pay as you go insurance.
  • Drive Safely : Installing a so-called black box that records the behaviour of the driver or the telematics devices can prove to a perspective underwriter that you or your employees are safe and careful drivers which in turn can lead to lower annual or monthly premiums in future months, conversely if the data gathered shows a picture of an erratic driver then be prepared to pay more for your minibus NI insurance. This method of reducing costs should be agreed upfront with your selected broker and is growing in popularity in Northern Ireland.

Types of Minibus Insurance Available

In keeping with car insurance, minibus insurance is available in 3 standard forms as below. Before proceeding, please ensure that your driving licence permits you to drive a minibus.

  • Third party, which is the legal minimum and cover the costs of the third party only.
  • One step up from third party is third party plus fire and theft cover. Again be aware this only provide cover for costs of a third party and you will be responsible for your own costs.
  • One step up from third party plus fire and theft cover. This provides additional cover for your own costs associated with the minibus accident.
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