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About QBE Minibus Insurance

QBE is a well known brand in the minibus insurance sector, started in 1989 as Minibus Plus. It was established in Stafford and focused on providing specialist School minibus insurance for schools and charities 

During the 90s they shared their products with the insurance broker sector with products that matched the requirements of schools, colleges and universities, charities, care homes, religious groups, sports clubs, private hire taxi firms and more. This expansion mas made QBE synonymous with minibus insurance in the commercial and private sectors.

QBE offers an intelligent online gateway for insurance brokers to purchase minibus insurance 24/7 for their clients. These polices can also be tailored to meet the exact requirements of this diverse customer base.

QBE Minibus Plus Policy Summary

The Minibus Plus policy provides brokers with an option of selecting elements to build a policy, Like most road risk insurance cover an option to choose between   comprehensive, third party, fire, theft and accidental damage cover. Some of the highlights of the Minibus Plus policy are details below.

  • Theft of or Accidental damage to the vehicle (limited to the market value of the vehicle), new for old if under 12 months and exceeds a pre agreed threshold for repair costs
  • Loss or damage to personal effects while in or on the vehicle (up to GBP250)
  • Replacement of keys or lock transmitter, if lost or stolen, up to GBP1,000
  • Cover for driver or passenger up to GBP30,000 including emergency dental treatment up to £250 and stress counselling up to £500
  • Loss or damage to glass in the windscreen, sunroof or windows of the vehicle

QBE Taxi Minibus Insurance

Cover is available for both public and private hire minibus or MPVs, as defined below.

  • Public Hire - Refers to taxis that can be hailed down without advance booking
  • Private Hire - In comparison these must be booked in advance.

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Many taxi firms prefer an MPV or minibuses over the standard saloon or estate vehicle. If you are using your minibus to ferry customers, it is important to have the right level of cover in place. By sending your requirements to a panel of insurance brokers, that can provide you with quotes tailored to your requirements. 

Ways to reduce taxi minibus insurance

Many factors are used to determine the cost of cover. One of the most important is your history of claims. Low or no claims should be rewarded with a reduced insurance premium. We have listed other factors and steps that you can take now that should help bring down your insurance costs.

  • Security : Providing additional security that is approved by the insurance industry should bring down dividends in the form of lower annual or monthly premiums for your minibus cover.
  • Low Mileage : If you only use your minibus infrequently then it may be more economical to pursue a policy based on mileage also known as pay as you go insurance. Alternatively, consider temporary minibus insurance which will provide cover for a fixed period of time, normally 1 to 6 months,
  • Drive Safely : Installing a black box that records the behaviour of the driver or the telematics devices can prove to a perspective underwriter that you or your employees are safe and careful drivers which in turn can lead to lower annual or monthly premiums in future months.
  • Minibus Size : The number of passenger seats will impact the cost, for example 9 seater minibus insurance will work out cheaper than insurance for a larger 17 seater minibus. Limiting payouts to 9 as opposed to 17 will reduce your cover requirements and thus overall premium cost.
  • Review Cover on an Annual Basis : Take time out as renewal time approaches to compare minibus insurance providers, look for offers or special discounts on offer. Make sure you are not paying for cover that you do not need or can take out cheaper elsewhere. Breakdown cover and windscreen cover are two items that fall into this category.
  • Number of Minibuses : If you operate more than one minibus, taking out a minibus fleet insurance policy may save you money. As your fleet grows, most insurance companies will offer better rates. 
  • Named Drivers : If possible, keep your policy to named drivers only.
  • Voluntary Excess : Agree a higher excess with your broker in return for a lower insurance premium
  • Select Drivers based on driving history : Make sure all your drivers have a clean driving history and if possible ensure they are all over 25
  • Driver Training : Reduce by investing in training your drivers to drive safely and follow these minibus driving safety tips.

Some factors are used that you or your business will have no control over. A good example is your business post code. City post codes will always attract a higher premium than rural or smaller towns or hamlets. Why? City codes have a higher risk of theft and accident based on statistical information. Moving from a central city location to a leafy suburb can reduce the costs of your insurance. As postcode plays an important factor, it is important to advise your broker of any changes during the lifetime of your policy. 

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Start the process now of comparing quotes for your new minibus or at renewal time. The panel of UK brokers can provide you with tailored quotes for your specific requirements. Loyalty to any one broker could result in you losing out on cheaper deals.  Some brokers offer incentives for new customers, so don't get stuck with one broker, go and compare the market each time policy renewal time comes around.

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