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School or College Minibus Insurance

The school minibus is now a common site on the UK roads.  A minibus is essential for transporting pupils to sports events or day outings to the local museum or further a field. Most schools now choose to own and operate their own minibus service rather than hire a minus and driver, parents also prefer that the minibus is maintained by the school that will adhere to all safety regulations.  During term time, the minibus will be used extensively, which makes it essential to have the right minibus insurance in place to protect all involved.

school minibus insurance

Start comparing school minibus insurance. Multiquotetime in partnership with QuoteZone can provide your school or college with minibus insurance quotes tailored to your individual requirements. Discounts are normally available if you need insurance for more than one school minibus. If you have multiple minibuses, you could also consider a fleet minibus insurance policy. A fleet policy should work out cheaper, but always compare the fleet with insuring your vans separately. 

To get started, select the start your quote option and provide all the requested details plus any additional details such as number of mini-buses in the fleet, age of drivers and any additional information that will help reduce the annual premium. The panel will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with a range of cover options based on your requirements. Please see some suggestions below on how to reduce premium costs.

Finding cheap school minibus insurance

Insurance of any road vehicle is based on the risk that you pose to the insurance company.  Insurance companies calculate risk based on a range of parameters. Below, we have highlighted some of these and the steps that you can take to help lower your risk profile. The aim is to ultimately lower your school risk profile and thus the final cost of your school minibus insurance.

  • Security : Providing additional security that is approved by the insurance industry should bring down dividends in the form of lower annual or monthly premiums for your minibus cover.
  • Low Mileage : If you only use your minibus infrequently then it may be more economical to pursue a policy based on mileage also known as pay as you go insurance. Alternatively, consider temporary minibus insurance which will provide cover for a fixed period of time, normally 1 to 6 months,
  • Drive Safely : Installing a black box that records the behaviour of the driver or the telematics devices can prove to a perspective underwriter that you or your employees are safe and careful drivers which in turn can lead to lower annual or monthly premiums in future months, conversely if the data gathered shows a picture of an erratic driver then be prepared to pay more for your minibus NI insurance. This method of reducing costs should be agreed upfront with your selected broker and is growing in popularity in Northern Ireland.
  • Minibus Size : The number of passenger seats will impact the cost, for example 9 seater minibus insurance will work out cheaper than insurance for a larger 17 seater minibus. Limiting payouts to 9 as opposed to 17 will reduce your cover requirements and thus overall premium cost.
  • Review Cover on an Annual Basis : Take time out as renewal time approaches to compare minibus insurance providers, look for offers or special discounts on offer. Make sure you are not paying for cover that you do not need or can take out cheaper elsewhere. Breakdown cover and windscreen cover are two items that fall into this category.
  • Number of Minibuses : If your school operate more than, taking out a minibus fleet insurance policy may save you money, in addition most provider swill offer discounts as you add more minibuses to the school fleet. 
  • Named Drivers : If possible, keep your policy to named drivers only.
  • Voluntary Excess : Increase the minibus excess, taking more responsibility, should help lower your annual premiums.

School Minibus Drivers, Section 19

Most school now own or operate a minibus service. They have many uses, for example they enable pupils to attend and participate in out of school events, visit local museums and provide transport for pupils to and from school. The list is far from exhaustive, the many uses of the school minibus means that during a school term the minibus will be used extensively, as such it is important to provide proper training to the driver or drivers. For more information on safety and training, please refer to this page on driving school minibuses for local authorities and schools.

  • Ensure a Section 19 permit has been obtained if one is needed
  • Hold the appropriate full car driving licence to do so
  • The driver must be at least 21 years old
  • The driver must be insured to drive the vehicle in question
  • Must not drive a minibus with more than 16 passenger seats
  • Have held a full driving licence for at least two years when driving a minibus under a Section 19

More information available from the Teachers Organisation

Who is responsible for school minibus safety?

The driver is personally responsible for the safety (road worthiness) of the school minibus and its occupants. The driver is also responsible for any traffic offences committed.

The policy should provide cover for

  • All uses to which the minibus is used for 
  • Total number of passengers allowed and weight
  • Drivers permitted to drive

What types of school minibuses is cover available for?

  • Primary schools
  • Independent schools
  • Private and secondary schools
  • Further education establishments
  • International schools

Types of School Minibus Cover available

  • The legal minimum to drive on the UK road network is third party, which offer cover the third party.
  • Third party cover can be supplemented by adding fire and theft protection.
  • Fully comprehensive is top level cover providing protection both your self and any third party.
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