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Need short-term minibus insurance for a special trip?

If you are thinking of borrowing a minibus for a special trip or a short family excursion or holiday, you will need temporary minibus insurance. Taking a separate minibus insurance policy in your name will also ensure that should you need to make a claim, the claim will not have any impact on the main policyholder driving history  

How long do you need cover for?

The options for temporary minibus insurance will vary from broker to broker, but policies are available that start from 1 day and can last for 3 months. Most temporary minibus polices can be extended, so if you insure for a week and later decide you need longer, contact the broker in advance to request an insurance extension. 

How much is short-term minibus Insurance

Like any insurance, the price will be dictated by the risk profile of the driver. If you have a clean driving history and over 25 your quote will be cheaper than a driver with a high claims history or a young driver. The daily rate will be slightly more expensive than an equivalent annual policy, but this is to be expected for this type of specialist insurance. 

What level of temporary minibus Insurance is available

As this is not a mainstream product, providers tend to offer fully comprehensive cover only.

Will information is required to get comparative quotes?

  • 1. Duration of insurance required
  • 2. The vehicle to be insured details, registration and number of seats. Has the minibus been modified in any way?
  • 3. Details of your driving history, any claim's history, how long have you held your licence
  • 4. Personal driving details, name, age, licence number and licence type if over 9 seats

Do I need insurance if I hire a minibus

If you hire a minibus from a rental company, it will have CDW and LDW included, but be aware of the hefty excess imposed by rental companies. The excess is the amount you would be held liable for, even if the damage can not be directly attributed to you. A good example is the vehicle being scratched whilst parked. If you are familiar with holiday car rental, you will likely be aware that you can take out a minibus hire excess insurance policy. Check out our extensive guide on van hire excess insurance, which is a product not covered with standard car excess policies.

Does temporary minibus insurance include hire and reward cover?

Hire and reward insurance is a specialist insurance aimed at drivers that provide a service for a reward. The short-term minibus cover provided by these brokers does not include hire for reward cover. The cover only provides is for social and domestic and pleasure use only. 

Can I drive into Europe from the UK?

This will again depend on the broker, in general it will not be included as standard, but could be added at an extra cost. The broker will advise if possible and the extra price for cover whilst driving in Europe. The panel that we use can provide tailored quotes for your individual travel requirements.

Will temporary minibus include breakdown cover

Some brokers will provide this as an additional extra. With all extras, it is also wise to check for cheaper minibus breakdown cover alternatives  

Typical temporary minibus insurance restrictions

The following restrictions may apply for temporary minibus insurance, if you find it difficult to get short-term cover, then you could consider hiring a minibus from a rental company. 

  • Age Some brokers will only provide temp cover if you are aged over 25 and under 65
  • Experience: Most will insist that you have held a UK licence for at least one year
  • EU Travel Normally not permitted, but you can request with the broker

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