5 Reasons to Buy a Minibus

A minibus gives you ample room to carry passengers along with their luggage without compromising comfort even a bit. They’re designed and especially built to carry passengers safely and comfortably. Most minibuses will allow you to remove their rear seats, enabling you to get seat configurations that you need for your specific needs. 

The seats also can be moved in order to accommodate wheelchairs. In addition, the minibus can be modified to make it wheelchair friendly, if not already. These are designed for transporting people, so little room is left for luggage space. Please keep this in mind, as it may make sense to buy larger to accommodate luggage for trips and holidays.

Any modifications most likely will invalidate your minibus insurance so do get prior approval from your broker.

1. Size and Purpose

It almost goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, Minivans are huge. They not only are larger than cars, but interior space within the minivan in which one has to work is extremely flexible. Whether you are transporting your work equipment, or luggage and passengers, minivans are the easy to work with due to the abundance of space and adjustable/stowable seats. This makes them great for any sort of transportation you may need

2. More economical than you may think

The age of small cars is no-doubt upon us. This quite often can leave potential minivan owners weary of their next purchase. While it is true that minivans are not as easy on gas as small cars, they are a lot better than you may realize. It’s a fact that a minivan's fuel economy doesn’t proportionately decline as the size increases. Using a size-to-fuel-economy ratio, a minivan is actually quite easy on gas.

3. A minivan is great for hauling

Typically, when most people are thinking hauling, they are thinking pickup truck. It's not exactly clear where this idea that pickup trucks are the only suitable vehicle when it comes to hauling came from, but this could not be further from the truth. While pickup trucks certainly can get the job done, a minivan tends to be just as useful for these such purposes. Whether you are moving a trailer, or you’re transporting home-improvement cargo, a minivan will stand up to the task for sure.

4. A minibus can easily be made wheelchair accessible

While this may not be an applicable benefit to everyone, minivans are the easiest type of vehicle to modify when it comes to wheelchair accessibility being needed. Whether a friend just needs a ride, or you are considering becoming an Uber driver, there’s no question that wheelchair accessibility will come in handy.

5 They are reasonable to insure

It’s obvious that the type of insurance policy that you will need to obtain will depend on how it is that you intend to use your minivan. For example, if you are planning to use your minibus purely for private use, then a pleasure use minibus insurance policy will suffice. If you plan on using your minivan to work as a taxi driver, then you will need to have a private hire minibus taxi insurance policy. New minibuses can be expensive, but a good supply of quality used minibuses are available. 

We can provide you with comparative quotes for minibus insurance. The purpose will be a determining factor in the costs, so please state how you intend to use if other than social and domestic use. 

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