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Guide to Modus Landlord Insurance

Modus has established itself a leader in the field of property insurance for both the commercial and private sector. Modus was established in 2015 as a data-driven, digital insurance provider by a team of underwriting and e-trading professionals. 

Unlike traditional insurance brokers, Modus have been data and technology driven since day one. The harness data and risk algorithm and I ecpect IA to quickly provide quotes to the insurance property sector in the UK and NI

The Landlord liability insurance optional element cover helps you with legal costs. When someone files legal claims against you, you can ask for assistance via this clever to cover the cost of litigation.

Home Emergency Cover

As the name Home emergency cover suggests, you can avail of this cover in an emergency example gas leakage, burst pipe or other home emergencies. 

What does Modus landlord insurance cover in the UK?

This cover provides you protection for your rental property. There could be a number of reasons why a property might get damaged. This includes natural causes, acts of vandalism, theft, etc. Fortunately, a Modus Landlord Insurance policy will provide cover in all of these scenarios. 

Modus Landlord’s Insurance Highlights

Modus Landlord Insurance products highlights include:

  • Buildings Cover – up to £500,000
  • Contents Cover  – up to £100,000
  • Rent Receivable – 25% of the Building's sum insured if Buildings cover has been selected.
  • Public Liability (PL) Landlord Liability Insurance -up to  £2,000,000  -up to  £2,000,000 
  • Identity Fraud or theft - Cover for costs arising from identity fraud up to £25,000

The cost of The Modus Landlord Insurance is competitive and is available to a wide range of property owners from buy to let, empty properties or properties in probate, Policyholders with previous claims to commercial landlords. These include:

  • Properties  with up to six bedrooms
  • Tenanted properties – all tenant types ( examples Student, DSS and HMO) 
  • Unoccupied properties including insurance for empty property after death – full cover
  • Non-Standard Construction : Flat Roof, Thatch Roof, Wooden Framed Structures
  • Listed and Protected Buildings

Modus Flood excess cover

This is a specialised product providing specific cover for properties against flood damage. The cover provides cover to a business for any damage resulting from flooding. Example, damage to the structure and fittings of the property to flood contents damage. It must be obtained in addition to the buildings cover in the property insurance policy. Modus offers up to £100,000 of flood excess cover, and is a popular product for landlords that own property in areas that are at risk of flooding (and that is extending to most of the UK and parts of Northern Ireland).

Landlord Insurance FAQs

Does the landlord's insurance policy cover the tenant's property?

Tenant's belongings, like clothes, etc., are not covered in a landlord insurance policy.

Is there any limit to the buildings cover provided by Modus?

Most building insurance polices will be limited to the agreed rebuild cost, as such it is important that the amount is correct. Too high and you will be paying extra for cover you do not need, and too little you will have to contribute to the rebuilding costs out of your own pocket. Modus provide buildings cover up to £500,000

As a landlord can I deal direct with MODUS

Modus insurance products are only available through FCA authorised insurance intermediaries and brokers

How do I renew my Modus policy

For renewing an existing Modus landlord policy, you will need to speak to the insurance intermediary or broker that arranged your policy and to whom you paid your original premium.

Compare Landlord Insurance providers

If you are searching for commercial landlord insurance for one property or after multi property landlord insurance, finding the best deal will involve comparing the available deals on the market. It is important to also compare come renewal time, as some suppliers offer special deals to attract new customers. Some providers on your list should include Tesco landlord insurance, Aro, Legal and General Landlord cover and CIA Landlord insurance. Home insurance providers include Post office home insurance and John Lewis.

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MultiQuoteTime Ltd Does not recommend any insurance companies. It is important that the property owner satisfies themselves that they are getting the cover they need for their own personal circumstances – undervaluation may affect the settlement in the event of claims.

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