More Than Van Insurance

By conducting a More Th>n van insurance review, more of what this insurance broker can do for their clients has been revealed. This insurance brokerage has been helping van owners with cover since they first began operations in June 2001.

What are the strong points of More Than van insurance broker?

  • This brokerage is backed by the RSA Group that has been in the insurance business for more than 300 years. They offer policies to clients in 100 different countries around the world.
  • With each additional van policy taken out after the first one has been established, there is a 15% discount applied to the premium.
  • They have a Defaqto rating of 5 stars.
  • They offer both commercial along with Social, Domestic and Pleasure policies.
  • Renewal, adding coverage, making a claim, changing driver details, changing vans and more can be accomplished online so you can manage your account if and when you need to.

What types of cover does More Than van insurance offer?

Many insurance brokers offer three levels of cover, but More Th<n only offers two. The two types include Third Party Fire and Theft along with Comprehensive.

What are the highlights of the More Than Van comprehensive policy?

In addition to collision coverage where both vehicles involved, and the occupants are protected, there are other items that are standard including;

  • Windscreen, window and sunroof cover.
  • For vans less than 1 year old and are written off, the policyholder can receive up to £3,000 above the fair market value of the van.
  • Third Party cover is provided for up to 120 days when travelling in the European Union.
  • No Claims discount is applied if applicable.

What are the options available for additional coverage with a comprehensive policy?

To help customize the van policy to the specific needs of their clients, More Than insurance has several add-ons that that can help bring peace of mind to the van owner.

The brokerage firm of More Than can get you van insurance for either commercial and personal use. They are backed by an insurance conglomerate that has been in this business sector for more than 300 years, which for most of the More Th>n policies are the underwriter.

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