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Do you need insurance for multiple vehicles? Have you considered fleet insurance? Covering all your vehicles under one policy has the potential to save you money over the traditional one vehicle one policy route. Cover is available for all vehicle types including cars, minibuses, trucks and vans. 

Multi Quote Time works in partnership with QuoteSearcher who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. The panel can provide quotes for all fleet sizes, from a mini fleet to a large taxi fleet. The panel will be in contact via the telephone to discuss your requirements and provide you with a range of quotes that are based on your business requirements.

What affects the price of fleet insurance?

The number of vehicles in the fleet will be a key determining factor in arriving at a final premium cost. The more vehicles in the fleet the higher the risk which will push up the premium cost. Beyond the number of fleet vehicles other factors that play a significant contribution include what the fleet vehicles are used for,  the value of the vehicles,  the history of claims and lots more. The fleet drivers will also be profiled to gauge the risk imposed by the actual drivers.

Is a policy based on fleet usage possible?

A new model of pricing fleet insurance is based in usage.  UBI ( Usage-based-insurance) is based on the miles covered and the driving habits of the drivers. Insure tech companies are disrupting the tradition one price fits all model and usage based fleet insurance is set to grow as fleet managers realise that the flexibility it offers can save them money. The model is becoming the preferred solution for self hire drive fleet managers, meaning that they only pay insurance when vehicles are hired out.

How many vehicles can be listed under a motor fleet insurance policy?

For most insurance firms the minimum number of vehicles that need to be included in this type of policy is five, but the panel can provide fleet insurance for 2 or more vehicles.

Do all the policies have to be the same?

With a motor fleet policy, all vehicles under it can have their own individual policy and level of protection. While they all can be at the same level of protection, it is not a requirement. Insurance options do exist for smaller fleets and cover is available for 2 cars under a mini fleet insurance policy.

What levels of cover are available?

  • TPO :  Third party only cover is the legal minimum by law. The cover extends only to the third party, providing cover for damage or injury to the third party only.
  • TPFT : Third party with fire and theft provides TPO protection plus cover if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive : Provides TPFT and additionally will cover cost for damage or replacement if a fleet vehicle is involved in a road accident or another insured events. 

What are the advantages of having a motor fleet insurance policy?

  • Easier to manage : If you have all your vehicles under one policy with one renewal date, insurance renewal will be a one off annual task. If you have one policy per vehicle then you will need to perform the same task multiple times at each renewal date.
  • Possible cheaper  premiums:  A fleet policy should be considerable cheaper, but you should always compare the costs of individual polices against a group policy.
  • Any driver : You can opt  for an any driver option which can give you more flexibility and possible an advantage over your rivals. Any driver fleet polices can be arranged with constraints to make them more affordable. Example, an any fleet insurance policy that is any driver, but only for drivers that are over 25 and have held a licence for 3 years. Higher risk or younger drivers can be added, but must be named drivers.

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