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Nov 2023

MultiQuoteTime works alongside a panel of brokers who are experienced in the field of vehicle repairs and are looking to find you the cheapest deal on your vehicle body repairs business insurance policy.

Body shop and crash repair insurance is a specialised auto trade policy that offers protection for the unique risks of body repair businesses. These risks may arise from driving a customer's vehicle while doing your job, theft of property from your premises, poor workmanship, workplace injuries, and accidental damages.

Whether you're a self- employed professional working from home, a part-time technician or a large body shop company, vehicle crash and body repairer insurance is recommended for you as long as your operations are commercial. This dedicated insurance will protect you, your customers, your employees and your business in case of a loss or damage.

What Does Body Shop Insurance Cover?

Auto crash repair insurance typically includes different individual covers in one policy. However, most insurance providers will only allow you to choose the protections you need for your business. Some of the common types of body shop and crash repair insurance coverage include:

Road Risks Insurance

This is an essential insurance for body shop and crash repair operators, and most insurers may make it mandatory. With this insurance, you are protected while driving your customers' vehicles. You can choose from the different levels of road risks insurance depending on the protection you need. They include:

Third party

Third-party-only - As the name implies, this vehicle insurance level protects you against damages you cause to others, but doesn't cater for your losses.

Third party Fire and Theft

Third-party, fire and theft - offers every benefit included in the third-party-only level and extra compensation for losses or damages to cars insured due to fire or theft.


Comprehensive - offers the highest level of protection, including every benefit in previous cover levels and insurance for additional risks such as damages to your vehicle and stolen items.

Additional Body & Collision Repair Shop General Liability Insurance

  • Employers’ liability - offers compensation for your employee's injury, accident and death liability claims.
  • Sales & service indemnity insurance - insures your business against customer claims of careless service by you or your staff.
  • Public liability - offers financial protection for claims associated with injury, accident and damage from your customers.
  • Business premises cover - provides insurance for your business premises against fire, flood, and theft. It may come with an additional content cover.
  • Specialist tools and equipment - protects valuable work equipment and tools from loss, theft and damage.
  • MOT loss of licence cover - provides coverage in case you lose your MOT licence due to certain situations.
  • Business interruption cover - insures you in situations where you're unable to earn income as a result of the closure of your business or loss of essential working equipment.
  • Garage Keeper's Liability - Protects against theft or vandalism of a customer's vehicle stored in your possession during the job.

How much does Body Shop and Crash Repair Insurance cost?

The cost of your body shop and crash repair insurance will depend on the covers you include in your policy and other factors like:

  • The cover level and add-ons in your insurance policy.
  • Your business premises - Do you work at home or on a business premises? What is the value, size and location of your business premises?
  • The value and type of equipment you use.
  • The number of persons/employees included in your policy and their age (persons under 25 years are typically high risk and more expensive).
  • The security of your premises - Are there security systems like CCTV installed?
  • Your payment plan - Are you paying for your premium monthly or annually?
  • Your claims' history.
  • Your work experience in body shop and crash repair.
  • The type, value and number of vehicles you work on.

You can reduce the cost of your body and collision repair insurance by comparing multiple insurance quotes, building up your no-claims bonus, installing security features on your premises, reducing the number of persons listed on your policy, etc

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