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Car Jockey Insurance

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Car jockey insurance is a type of motor trade insurance for anyone who is responsible for moving, parking, and storing other people's vehicles left under their control. This type of insurance is ideal for you if you work in ferry terminal parking, car dealerships, airport parking, valet parking, event car parking, etc. Car jockey insurance differs from basic car insurance because it protects all the cars of varying values in your custody, which several individuals own.

What are the types of Car Jockey Insurance policies?

A car jockey insurance policy can be designed to meet your unique needs in the following ways:

  • Part-time policies - This flexible policy is tailored to cover you only for the period of time you work as a part-time parking jockey.
  • Policies for individuals - Your policy can be structured to take care of your personal insurance as a car park jockey. This will protect you against the risks of the job, allowing you to legally drive, park legally, and store vehicles of different values, engine sizes, and specifications.
  • Policies for businesses - If you operate businesses that offer or require the services of a parking jockey, then you can opt for a policy well-designed to cater to the unique needs of your business situation.

Car Jock Insurance is suitable for the follwoing business types

  • Valet parking (nightclubs, Shopping Malls, restaurants, hotels, theatres, casino etc.)
  • Airport car parking services
  • Ferry terminal parking
  • Car collection services offered by garages
  • Dealership that offer car delivery service 
  • Car valet and detailing businesses

What does Car Jockey Insurance cover?

The following are the components and possible add-ons of a car jockey insurance cover:

1. Road risks 

This is the basic type of cover required for any motor trade business. The road risk insurance element of the car jockey insurance will offer protection against accidents you may incur while driving your customers' vehicles on the road. 

2. Parking risks

The static parking component of car jockey insurance covers risks and malicious damages, such as keying, associated with parking cars.

3. Employers' liability cover 

As a business, the employers' liability insurance will compensate your employees (office staff and car jockeys) for injury, illness, and death they may suffer because of the work they do for you. If you don't have this policy, you're likely to pay a fine of £2,500 for everyday you are not properly insured. Your employers’ liability policy is expected to cover you for at least £5 million. 

4. Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance protects you and your car jockey business against liability claims in cases where your activities result in the injury, death, or loss of property of a member of the public.

Depending on the unique needs of your business, you may also need to include additional car jockey insurance covers like single and multiple business premises, personal vehicles, and domestic use and tools insurance components.

What are the levels of cover?

Third party

Third-party only - This will insure against damages you cause to a third party, but will not cover for the vehicle under your control.

Split indemnity 

Split indemnity - For this kind of cover, you will be compensated for only half the cost of the claim. Implicitly, the insurance claims company and the policyholder will share the indemnity cost.


Comprehensive - At this level, you are offered the highest level of protection against all possible losses you may incur as a car jockey.

How do I get cheap Car Jockey Insurance?

  • Acquire more experience - The longer your years of experience as a car jockey operator, the cheaper your insurance may be. This is because some insurance providers may assume you are less likely to have experience due to your expertise from years on the job.
  • Security level - If your car parking premises and area of service are in a secure location, you may be rewarded with a cheaper insurance policy. You can upgrade the security of your premises by installing lockable gates and CCTV systems
  • Paying in advance - Most insurance providers will offer discounts to customers who pay annually instead of monthly.
  • Vehicles you park - You may also get cheaper car jockey insurance if you don't park vehicles like vans, lorries, or HGVs, which attract higher premiums.

While shopping around for an insurance policy for your car jockey business, compare quotes from different providers to find affordable coverage that suits your unique situation

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Car Jockey Insurance
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