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If are dealing with customer cars within the valeting or detailing sectors, you are no doubt aware that any accidental damage can ruin your reputation. Most customers will be understanding if you are to come clean and are able to undo any damage caused. This may in an extreme case involve replacing some expensive car part. Having valeting car insurance can help by covering these costs for you. Enabling you to resolve any issue without having to be personally liable for the costs.

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The first step in researching the cost of car valet insurance is to get multiple quotes from a range of insurance brokers. Multiquotetime works in partnership with Quotezone who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers.

What is a car valet detailing service?

The car valeting profession makes their money by focusing all of their attention on taking the utmost care of your car. They lavish the bodywork with only the most gentle chemicals, so as not to disturb the car’s wax layer, paint job, or underlying materials, and even preserving them for years to come. 

The nature of a valet is to offer a premium service that will outshine the work of even the best hand car washers. They are often chosen by those that take great pride in their presentation and their motors, as the valets will produce a fresh from the lot, like-new aesthetic that looks dazzling sitting on the driveway or rolling up to an event. 

The valets are expert in making the automobile shine inside and out, as they take special care to remove all of the dirt with powerful vacuums, work stains out of the fabrics, and then treating the fabrics with specialist products to make the materials last and stay fresh for longer.

What Insurance Do You Need To Clean Cars?

Although valets are a step up from your run of the mill hand car washes, they are essentially doing the same job. So you might wonder what kind of insurance does a car washer need? Do they use the same insurance as a valet? The answer is yes. The valeting insurance products that are offered by various insurers are suitable for hand car washes too.  In simple terms, a car valeting policy is a form of motor trade insurance that has been tailored to be more specific to risks faced by car valets and detailers.

You can find these basic policies from most motor insurers, as it is a composite package that centres around the vehicles that are being worked on. A car washing policy may be cheaper than a valeting policy, but that is more to do with the clientele that each expects, than to do with differing risks or hazards, as both types of insurance will cover more or less the same risks. 

The car wash insurance policy will naturally consist of Employer’s Liability, to cover the workers and the risks that are posed to them, Public Liability, to protect third parties on the premises, as well as their cars, Business Interruption in case of unexpected closure, and usually equipment cover, Products Insurance, Short Term Motor trade Insurance, and Commercial Property Insurance.  

This large commercial policy will not always have full coverage, as some smaller businesses will choose to bear some of the risks for smaller premiums. The only legally required cover is Employer’s Liability, unless the cars are being driven, in which case, Short Term Car Insurance or Road Risks cover will be required. 

Do You Need Insurance To Valet Cars

Valet Insurance is a type of insurance package extremely similar in nature and composition to car wash insurance, but which will usually cover expensive stock, equipment, legal, and not to mention the vehicles themselves, as third party property and road risks insurance. 

The name of the insurance package is not entirely important when considering valet insurance, as many insurance providers will quote them as motor trade packages, or car wash packages. However, insurance providers that specialise and have experience in the insuring of motor businesses, will usually have a valet package that you can customise to your needs. 

What Insurance Do You Need For Mobile Valeting

The mobile valet has taken off in recent years as an ultra convenient one-stop service done right on your own driveway. 

The risks for this type of valeting service are mostly reduced, as the road risks cover, and property insurance won’t be needed. The stock, as well as equipment, will be a reduced sum insured. For this reason, it’s more affordable to insure than a normal valet business. 

Can You Run A Car Valeting Business From Home

The rise in work from home solutions to the covid pandemic has boomed over the last couple of years, and that’s even applicable to valet services. With the slow-down in the economy, fewer people driving and fewer business meetings, the demand for valet services fell and many companies had to scale down. 

Where some businesses collapsed, others adapted, using good home storage and willingness to make things work, a small valet service can be run from a home address. 

The premises may be insured under a commercial policy for Public Liability, while the sums insured of equipment, and stock will likely be drastically reduced. The risks and hazards will have to be talked through with your insurance professional, and there will likely be risk improvement measures required.  

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