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Guide To Car Wash Insurance

By Wajahat Raja
Wajahat Raja
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Operating a car valeting business brings many risks with it. Whether it's accidental damage to a customer's car or to expensive equipment, having car valeting insurance is a must in today's business environment.

Let's dive into the complexities of car valeter insurance policy. Here, you will learn about the cover provided by this insurance policy, the different types of public liability your business may need, and how you can claim compensation.

What is Car Valeting Insurance?

Valeting business brings with it an array of risks that need to be taken care of through a certain type of business insurance known as car valeting insurance. Specially designed to cater to the needs of car valeters, this insurance cover provides you with many special protection options. From road risks insurance cover to transit cover, car valeting insurance can encompass a wide range of potential risks. Let's take a detailed look at the cover provided by this insurance policy.

What Does Car Wash Insurance Cover?

Although the cover provided by the insurance companies may differ depending on your business demands and risks, given below is an account of common coverage provided as part of car valeting insurance:

Public Liability Insurance

Suppose your business causes damages to a customer's car or any of its parts or causes injury to the customers, you will be liable to provide compensation. However, with car wash insurance, your business is covered for any negligence shown by you or your employees. The legal costs for such damage will be provided by the valet insurance.

For instance, if a customer trips over one of your car wash tools and gets injured, your company will be liable to pay for their compensation. Having public liability insurance means you are not responsible for such accidents.

Additional cover includes damage caused to customer's cars and property, such as the contents and parts of the cars. Moreover, the car valeting insurance also covers legal expenses your motor trade business may have to face in case of legal action taken by customers.

Employers Liability Insurance

If you employ staff full or part-time or even seasonal, this must be included as a legal requirement within your motor trade insurance policy. If you are planning on having a staff at your company, you will need to provide this policy documentation. Working with cleaning chemicals and other portable equipment, employees can experience injuries and illnesses. 

Your employees can make compensation claims against you if they get injured or ill on your business premises. Hence, you need to have employer liability insurance to protect your business under such circumstances.

Premises Cover

Our trusted insurers will also recommend you have premises covered alongside the ones mentioned above. Premises cover allows you to protect your car wash and all its equipment in case of accidental damage. Consult our insurance experts today for financial protection advice. 

Which insurance companies offer car wash insurance?

Any motor trade insurance specialist will be able to offer car wash insurance tailored to your specific business needs. For example polices can be tailored to provide cover for mobile car wash or detailing service, car forecourt sales, EV charging stations, tyre fitting insurance or other motor trade related business styles. This will enable you to expand your business into other more lucrative areas of the motor trade business.

When it comes to comparing cover make sure your list includes DNA motor trade insurance, Bollington, Jensen, Nash Warren insurance, Eridge, BroadsureDirect and Tradesure.

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Car wash insurance similar to car valeting insurance is a cover designed for those that operate a car washing service either from premises or mobile or a mix of both. This allows you to operate with insurance cover while performing your valeting business tasks. For example, you can drive customers' vehicles without having to worry about accidental damage costs or third-party theft. Moreover, this insurance for cars can also protect your expensive car wash equipment with its tool cover. If you want to know how much car wash costs, simply select the option from the drop-down menu below and start comparing the costs of car was cover.

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