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Guide to Car Wrap Insurance

Car wrapping has been popularised immensely in recent years. It offers customers an affordable way to modify the entire appearance of their vehicle. As more and more vehicles are wrapped, the threat of damage or theft has also increased, which requires adequate protection. Whether you are a motor trade company that offers car wrapping services or an individual having a wrapped car, you must consider car wrapping insurance.

Let's find out what car wrap insurance is. Delving into the details of the insurance policy, you will get to know what the insurance covers. You can also find out if you need public liability insurance for your car wrap, how much the insurance costs, and when you can claim it.

What is Car Wrap Insurance

It is a type of insurance policy specifically designed to cater to the unique risks associated with car wrapping. Wrapping a car is a delicate challenge that can often lead to damaging the wrapping material or the vehicle itself. In such cases, it is essential for a motor trade business to have car wrap insurance.

A car wrapping insurance company allows you to meet the customer's needs by providing them with customised covers on their wrapped car. Suppose one of your employees accidentally damages the wrap or the vehicle or ends up injuring himself in the process, you will need a reliable car wrap insurance policy to cover the damages.

What does Car Wrap Insurance Cover?

Although, car wrapping insurance policies may differ depending on the insurance options chosen by you. Given below is a list of the basic covers provided by car wrap insurance:

  • Damage caused by you or your employee to the car's wrap.
  • Injury cover for your employee or the customers
  • Damage to the customer's property, for example, to the car or any of its parts.
  • Theft insurance in case the wrapped cars or any of their parts are stolen.
  • Insurance brokers may also provide you with third-party fire cover.

Find Out If You Need Public Liability

Having public liability insurance, whilst not a legal requirement, should be considered for any business that provides car wrapping services and interacts with the public. However, insurance companies tend not to include that in your car wrapping insurance. You must consult the insurers for advice on the correct type of insurance for your business. Given below are different types of public liability insurance types:

Car Damage

During the wrapping work, there is always a risk of affecting other parts of the car. For example, the paintwork, the panels or other parts are delicate enough to be damaged. In such a case, you need to insure your business, as damage to a high-value car can cost you a lot of money.

Defective Workmanship Insurance

There are instances when you may need to remove or detach some parts of a car to wrap it. If those parts are not attached properly, it can cause damage to the car or injure the customers. To protect your business in such instances, you need to consult our specialist insurer so we can provide you with advice on defective workmanship insurance

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Car Wrap Insurance
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